Yardism’s Week in Review

This week on brtv, Yardism talks about a handful of videos that really stood out. Interesting, engaging and entertaining. All great videos. There were a couple that I hadn’t seen and when I went to watch them I was hooked. They are all so interesting.

Here is a link to Yardism’s video. I highly recommend that you watch it.

If you need a link to any of the videos mentioned, here is a quick reference guide.

  1. Dale Piper Muses with a pipe . . . A Brief History of Pocket Watches. I can tell you as a watchmaker, that the information that Dale gives in the video is accurate. It is one topic that I know a lot about. Normally when I see a hobbyist or a casual collector explain watches the information they give out is hit or miss. In this case Dale really knows what he’s talking about and the watches he uses for examples are wonderful. Well cared for and maintained watches. The only thing I was disappointed in was he did not go on for much longer. Great video.
  2. Aussie Bulldog When a pipe has “Atherosclerosis” or, how I unclogged an old pipe. Once you start watching this video you won’t be able to stop. The pipe is unbelievable. I can’t even describe it, you have to see it. If nothing else go on the video and look at this pipe. The before and after is nothing short of stunning. You will never see a bigger transformation in a pipe in your life.
  3. Happy Piper Sunday smoke – Pipesmoking what’s is all about. In an epic Lunt, Happy Piper takes you around a frozen lake and talks about pipe smoking. One of the most enjoyable and relaxing videos I have seen in a long time. He did a wonderful job. Makes you wish you were walking with him.
  4. Desert Pipe Piper. “Community” and Shout Outs. If you ever wanted to know what the community of pipe smokers is really about, watch this video. Jim gives you his kind and thoughtful take on the people who he as met and interacted with since he began smoking a pipe. He fits right in, and is a credit to the group of people who call themselves pipe smokers. A very moving video from a real gentleman.