Winners Of the Danny Shore Benefit Raffle



The Drawing to Benefit Mr. Danny Shore is over. What a night! If you missed out I don’t even know what to tell you. It was the most fun on the YTPC that we can ever remember. So many prizes from so many great sponsors. Mr. and Mrs. Herfer went so far above and beyond there are just no words to describe it. They are such a wonderful reflection on the YouTube Pipe Community and kind-hearted people in general. The amount of work that went into this benefit was staggering. Well done Hugh and Harriet.

Numerous videos have been made acknowledging the participation of all the sponsors, I hate to begin to list them for fear of leaving someone off the list by accident, but you can see the donors, along with a link to them, on the list of prizes below. Giving them a big thank you or patronizing their businesses is the least we can do. If you buy something from them or interact in any way, be sure to tell them that Harriet and Hugh sent you and that we appreciate all they have done for Mr. Shore and the pipe smoking community.

On top of the donors, Harriet also wanted to thank;

Mr. and Mrs. Ghost Cob, a generous and kind-hearted couple that should be an inspiration to us all.

The wonderful people at Kindness for Karen from the Visiting Angeles who made a very large cash donation. Thank you so much.

Mr. Bumbling Piper with another cash donation. Thank you, Sir.

To all the people who made videos to help get the word out and the people who passed along the information on Social Media, the amount raised would never have gotten so big without you all. This truly was a team effort.

A huge, HUGE, thank you to everyone that bought a ticket or donated to this benefit. All the work is for nothing without you. I’m sure that if everyone involved, including Mr. Shore, could thank you personally, they would. It means so much and it’s obvious that the generosity of this community is expressed through each and every one of you.

Finally, on behalf of the YTPC and pipe smokers everywhere, Mr. Shore, you are one of the Founding Fathers of the YTPC, what you have done for so many is amazing, your kindness can never be measured or paid back. We hope that the money raised can in some way help you and your family through difficult times. You are our friend, we are standing by you and in our prayers. May God Bless you Danny.



                         RECAP OF ALL THE WINNERS



Rattray’s Kelpy 60

Donated by

Won by:  Scott Richardson


 Rattray’s Limited Edition 110th Anniversary – Smooth #14/100

Donated by

Won by:  Jonathan Butler


Dagner Built Custom Devil Anse “Rustic”

Donated by Dagner Pipes

Won by: Traveler Mike



Dagner Custom Built Cob

Donated by Dagner Pipes

Won by:  Chris Kerns





 Savinelli Smooth Joker No. 111

Donated by

Won by: Brad Johnson


Morgan Blackjack 24 Hawkbill Poker  (Two Pipes in drawing)

Donated by Morgan Pipes

Hawkbill donated for outside the US by Smoking Fireman

U.S. winner: Yorkshire Posse

Outside U.S. winner:  Toking Tommy

Savinelli Quercia

Donated by Eddie Gray at The Pipe Nook

Won by: Phillip Pizzella


Savinelli Solaris Smooth Ex

Donated by Eddie Gray at The Pipe Nook

Won by:  pipe&spirits


Marble wood Pipe & Tamper

Donated by Olivewood Piper

Won by:  4eyed Piper



Morgan Bones Pipe

Donated by Morgan Pipes

Won by:  Brad Landry



Morgan Bones Pipe

Donated by Morgan Pipes

Won by:  Priapus Rex



Two Cigar Rests

Donated by AshboxByDerek (Etsy)

Won by: Chris Kerns & Barepipe




Mason Jar with Leather Topper 

Donated by Elwood Maker

Won by:  Educated Guess



Pipe From the Private Collection of Danny Shore

Won by:  Priapus Rex




Signed Rocky Patel Burn Humidor

Won by: Priapus Rex





3 Bags of the amazing PNEUMA Coffee

Donated by Pneuma Coffee

Won by: Educated Guess, Chris Kerns & Barepipe

2 Pipe Great Dane Gift Set

Donated by Missouri Meerschaum

Won by: Mel Harris







Bearded Assassins Prize Pack

Two (2) Bearded Assassins Custom Can Koozies                                                                                                        1 oz bottle of .50 Cal Beard Oil                                                                                                                                             1 oz bottle of KBar Beard Oil                                                                                                                                           Beard Comb                                                                                                                                                                      Beard Brush

Won by: Andrew Cirigliano


 Esoterica Pipe Tobacco

Donated by Smoking Fireman

One tin of Esoterica Stonehaven

One tin of Esoterica Penzance

Won by: Danny Gunther



Donated by OMS Pipes

Their House Blend Coffee can be found here

One pound of OMS Coffee beans.

Won by: OlivewoodPiper



Talamona Margaret Pipe

Donated by Corvette Jim Piper

Won by: Lawrence Mattila




Ropp Superior Smooth Pipe and Tin of HH Burley Flake Pipe Tobacco

Donated by Mel Harris

Won by:  OlivewoodPiper





Tin of Pelican Pipe Tobacco and a Tin of Balkan Sobranie Pipe Tobacco

Donated by Mel Harris

Won by: Peter Bolone



 Tin of Brown Sugar Flake and Xikar Lighter    

Donated by Smokey Mo

Won by: 4eyedpiper




Tin of Esoterica Tilbury


Donated by Max Wolf NW

Won by: Tamper Tantrum




Special Drawing of Tin of Esoterica Penzance and an Uncle Butter Custom Pipe Tamper


Donated by Mel Harris 

and the one and only, a YTPC Superstar, Oh-oh-oh ole Uncle Butter!

Won by:  Peddler Piper




Moonshine Pipe and Tin of HH Old Dark Fired

Brand new Moonshine pipe Donated by Ladon Mott

Won by: Smokey Mo



















Raffle Sponsors Include: