Who Decided This Week?

Learned an interesting lesson yesterday. Most people read the Blob in the afternoon, but if I post it in the afternoon the number of readers goes way down. You would think that I’d have missed the morning crowd, but less people read in the afternoon as well. Can’t really figure that one out. Maybe that was just a strange situation. I’ll see what happens today. I’ll hold this back until this afternoon and see if people will come back when it’s not out in the morning. Probably a stupid thing to do. The newsletters do much better if I wait to send them out, why would the Blob be different?


Watched the Nashville Mafia rerun this morning and happy to hear the interest in Pipe Week. A little surprised in their lack of Pipe Week History knowledge. Everyone knows that Mr. Boca to Charlie is the official Pipe Week Historian. He has made several videos in the past that goes over the storied history of Pipe Week.

Even I have to turn to Charlie to keep it all straight, sometimes I can’t remember exactly. The dates might have something to do with competing against Shark Week in the ratings. Or it might be because June is right in the middle of the “Pipe Lull” that plagues many retailers. Everyone is buying pipes at Christmas and in the Fall, but June is slow. I can’t remember exactly. For all I know the date of the first Pipe Week might have been because I wanted a new pipe and it was a funny way to trick Briar Blues into having a sale. I’ll have to check with Charlie to sort that whole mess out.

FYI; Sale coupons are in the Blobs earlier in the week. Go back and find them and save you some scratch.

End Game

Today is the beginning of the end game of Pipe Week. The Thursday and Friday night shows are usually the most popular. Then we have the Awards show on Saturday. Haven’t heard from Peter Piper NYC for a couple days. I don’t think the show is 100% done, but I think he’s really close. I wanted to start teasing some of the nominations, or things Peter is planning, but I won’t say anything unless it’s through him. The last thing I want to do is spoil anything.

But if I could tease info from the Awards you would love it. The nominees are great, a lot of new ones over last year. A couple surprise winners. Not that I’m surprised they won, they certainly deserved it, but I thought someone else was going to get the win. I’m sure other people would say the opposite. In fact, if there are 5 nominations there will be people who think that each of the five would clearly be the winner. Then there will be people who think someone got snubbed by not being nominated.

Just so you know, there were tons of people nominated, we just took the top 5 channels nominated in each category. There might have been a dozen or more nominated, but we drew the line at 5.

I’m getting too deep into this, better stop. I want to watch the shows in the next couple of days to see if there is any speculation going on.

New (To Me) Pipe

My new Pipe Week pipe should be in today. I’ll have to stop by the post office and pick it up. Can’t wait. I don’t check that too often, maybe once a week, but I really want that pipe for the weekend. I won’t mention the brand since I don’t like to disclose that, but it is in a shape that my collection is lacking in. It’s a Rhodesian. I have only one other in that shape and I really like it, but it’s the only one. Don’t know why I haven’t gotten any more, but I haven’t. My collection is 90% billiards.


Donald is tailgating and Robert (enasdad) is live at 8:30. I’ll try to be there, hope you do as well.