Where’s The Photo?

Get Piped Podcast

Just when you get things all straight, something changes. Hope this blog goes out today. The editor I write it in is totally different this morning. Sure hope I don’t have to change any settings or I’m in big trouble.

Did you see that the Get Piped YouTube channel now has a podcast? That’s the channel that just won the YouTube channel of the year award from Country Squire. He’s calling it GPP. Only a couple of episodes so it will be easy to get up to date quick.

Hey, let me ask you young guys something about videos. What’s with the editing cuts every few seconds? Is that what people like now? Not criticizing, just asking. I realize it’s probably easier to make but sometimes it seems they put a jump, or a cut, in there just to do it.

Not many videos out the last couple of days. I shouldn’t say it like that because the people that did put out videos might think I’m dismissing their channel. Not the case. I’ll get to them. NW Piper video responses seem to have been popular lately. I’m just starting to not get confused between NW Pipe Smoker and NW Piper. Not the guys, just the channels.

Speaking of podcasters, Brian Levine was on The Virtual Pipe Club yesterday. He’s always fun to listen to. I don’t know how he gets that podcast out every week. So much work, and well done too. Since he’s usually the host instead of the guest, when he is the interviewee it’s funny. He just kind of takes over. Not pushy, just that he knows what makes for a good show, and there are things he wants to say, so he just does it. Might listen to it again.


I don’t think I’m going to put up a graphic with this post. I started doing that last week since I could, and it looked good. Now I’ve realized I have to come up with a graphic every day. It’s bad enough I have to write it and think of a snappy title. Or, any title for that matter. But the graphic might be just over the edge. I’m not exactly proficient with the photoshop.

Not sure how the page will look after awhile when some have photos and some don’t. I’ll add them here and there to see what it looks like.

Tonight is Briar Blues‘ live show. Pack them in there and guess the pipe shape. Hope Sunday night turns out to be as popular as Thursday was. There should be a hundred people watching that show. At least!

Often when I’m writing this I have the All Briar’d Up live stream going on. That guy can talk about anything. Like he just said; Tobacco, pipes, movies, books, food. He has it all. Watch him too.