What’s Your Favorite Brick & Mortar

Michel Baruch talks about some of his favorite Brick & Mortar shops, some of their unique blends and the availability online. He lays out a pretty good case for you to check them out and invites you to share your favorites as well. Thanks Michel, excellent video.

The shops he mentions are:

LJ Piretti in Boston https://www.ljperetti.com

Smoker’s Abbey in Nashville http://www.smokersabbey.com/nashville

Uptown’s Smoke Shop in Nashville https://www.uptowns.com

Boswells in PA http://boswellpipes.com

Strauss Tobacconist in Cincinnati http://www.e-straus.com

Ash & Ember in Arkansas http://www.ashemberpipes.com

Gaitlin-Burlier in Gatlinburg http://gatlinburlier.com