What’s The Deal With Nicotine Pouches?

-Katie Holmes

Over the years there have been all kinds of alternatives to smoking cigarettes. Many people enjoy cigars or pipe smoking, but there also exist products that don’t involve smoking at all, allowing you to enjoy nicotine without bothering people around you. One such product is nicotine pouches.

Nicotine pouches are a relatively new type of product that few people have heard of, and even fewer people have actually tried. Nicotine pouches are simple: you put the pouch in your mouth, place it under your lip, and chew slowly. The nicotine is slowly released and you can feel the buzz from nicotine without anyone else knowing you’re taking nicotine at all. In fact, it’s barely any different to chewing gum. Nicotine pouches are somewhat unique in that they don’t contain any tobacco (or at least, that’s what brands advertise).

As of mid-2021, even though nicotine pouches are yet to become all that popular, there are already a lot of brands offering nicotine pouches. Most of these probably have fairly low sales volume, but the most popular and well-known brands are Zyn and Lyft. You can often find these in gas stations around the US, and there are a number of websites selling them too. Nicotine pouches are easily-affordable (costing somewhere around $5 for a can with 20 pouches), and if you’re curious, I’d recommend trying a can. There are a ton of flavors available across different brands, so chances are good that you can find something decent.

And what about the safety of nicotine pouches? At the time of writing, the long term effects of nicotine pouches isn’t known, and they haven’t been regulated by the FDA. Nicotine pouch brands often advertise that nicotine pouches have benefits to smoking, and this may well be the case – but we can’t yet conclude that they are definitely 100% harmless, or far safer than other smoking and vaping options.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re a smoker trying to quit, nicotine pouches may be able to help you (though again, this is anecdotal only, as there haven’t yet been any official studies on it yet). Many people on the snus community on Reddit (/r/snus) have reported that after trying nicotine pouches, they never had the urge to go back to smoking ever again, and were able to slowly ween off nicotine by taking progressively weaker nicotine pouches.

Katie Holmes is a nicotine pouch and vaping enthusiast currently working on building up a site about nicotine pouches.