Voodoo Review Does Haiku

Voodoo Review, the Premium Tobacco Review blog has ventured outside of his normal offerings and has published a series of Haiku.

Aimed at Pipe and Cigar enthusiasts as well as a section for First Responders, this collection is quite interesting and fun to read. It’s no wonder that the quit, introspective aspect of pipe smoking lends itself well to writing. Many famous writers have been pipe smokers. Tolkien, Twain, Emerson and Hemingway just to name a handful. The two things go together very well in out opinion.

Durning the holiday Voodoo Review published a Christmas poem, The Night Before Christmas that turned out to be one of the first widely read posts on the new Briar Report magazine.

What Is A Haiku?

Wondering what a Haiku is? It is a Japanese form of poetry that consists of seventeen syllables. It’s broken into three lines. The first and third line each have five syllables, the middle (2nd) line has seven.

Traditionally the poem is meant to evoke images of the natural world. In the United States the popularity of the Haiku peaked in the late 80s and is still very popular.

The Pipe and Cigar Haiku is much more rare and has only been spotted in forums and has not enjoyed the widespread popularity it deserves.

An excerpt from the collection, printed with permission from Voodoo Review.

Pipe packed for lighting

Toasted tobacco takes flame

Aromatic notes

To read the entire collection, visit Voodoo Review