Trust, Respect, and Smoking at Home

The very wise Artful Codger has some thoughts on what a gentleman (or lady) can do if they would like to be able to enjoy their pipe in the home, but their significant other may not like the idea.

That can present a problem, but not one you can’t overcome. If you think about it logically and are willing to sit down and honestly express your wishes, you may be surprised at the outcome.

The argument the Artful Codger makes is so reasonable that you really need to give it some thought before you broach the subject with your partner.

In his own words;

So you want to have THAT talk with your significant other? I’m here to give you some tips how, some things to keep in mind, and to remind everyone how important trust, respect and LOVE are in making adult decisions TOGETHER, and reaching agreeable compromises built on serious

Watch the video and give it some thought.