Tree Top Tops 500

Even Gribley took the time to chime in. Don’t know whether the last few weeks have been strange or funny.

Congratulations to Mr. TreeTopPiper who just passed the 500 subscriber mark. He talked about it last evening and is considering doing a give away. He asked for any suggestions, but has a good idea what he wants to do.

If you look back to our thoughts on his return you will see that I said he was my favorite pipe tobacco reviewer. I stand by that statement and nobody is happier than I that he decided to pick up with the channel.

If you’re not already a subscriber, check him out. I’m sure you will appreciate his work.

Professor Walker has four new pipes available, each for $75. Great deal for a hand made pipe. His pipes are starting to have a personality all their own. For that price, I don’t see how you can go wrong.

Fowl Mouth

After the Briar Blues Sunday Show, Over A Pipe came on for an impromptu live show. More laid back than his normal Friday Pipaplaooza, it was relaxing to watch. His analysis wasn’t exactly accurate, but he did a good job and shared some principled thoughts.

Speaking of Over A Pipe, for some strange reason he hosts that low down, foul-mouthed, boozer, ex-con Moritsen J. Crowe. What a bad example he sets for our fine feathered friends. With his gutter humor and innuendos, he really sets back any good will gents like Big Bird and Orville The Duck have built up over the years.

I try to give that passerine the business in the comments, but it doesn’t seem to phase him. I imagine him in a drunken stupor looking around for cigarette butts that are still smokable. Not as someone who enjoys the briar.

The plan was to put up an offensive photo of him as this post’s image, but I don’t want to stoop to his level. I’ll just say this to that little punk. Get a haircut!