TPE Being Rebranded as TPE

Yesterday I got a Press Release from a Rep at Phillips and King in California. They are a wholesaler of Tobaccos and accessories for smoke shops. They have always been a great source of information for me and have always treated me wonderfully. I really appreciate the work they do. They are a big supporter of the Tobacco Products Expo that is held every year.

The Press Release was about this year’s Expo. I’m sure it will do well after a couple of sad years that I won’t comment on. The Lost Years. I was surprised, and not surprised that the word tobacco has been removed from the name. Taboo for sure, but are they trying to make way for the “alternative” products? Oh boy, this might be where I get off the train. I love supporting tobacco type things, like the shows, but I’m having nothing to do with you know what. I don’t even want to write it, or else bots will start putting tags on my website and direct flea infested stoners to The Blob.

But I shouldn’t be making all kinds of assumptions. The TPE has always been a great thing for the kind of cigar shops I love. I hope it continues to do well. Companies like Phillips and King are full of hard working people and they deserve all the support and recognition they can get. So now lets take a look at what the TPE is all about.

TPE Tradeshow

TPE, the tradeshow that brings together the buying power of thousands of independent retailers, local distributors, brands, and manufacturers, is pleased to announce an exciting change this year. In addition to the hundreds of tobacco, alternative, and tobacco-related exhibitors, TPE23 is expanding its show floor and focus to include new exhibitors that fulfill the independent retailer’s multi-category inventory needs. As such, TPE23 will be officially changing its name from Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) to Total Product Expo (TPE).

TPE has long-been a buying destination for the independent convenience retailer, offering easy access to hundreds of thousands of products at one show. Transitioning to the Total Product Expo is a natural progression for the show, offering its attendees even more convenience in one place, with new categories including snacks, beverages, Point of Sale items, general merchandise, gifts, and more. TPE has been ranked as one of the fastest growing shows in
the United States by Trade Show Executive Magazine, and has continually outperformed other consumer goods and retail tradeshows since 2017, according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR).

Attendees Love It

“We are really pleased with the increasing success of TPE, and are excited about the potential of our evolution to the Total Product Expo in 2023,” says Jason Carignan, President of Tobacco Media Group (TMG), the host company for TPE. “Every year we seek feedback from the show, and have consistently heard attendees ask for category expansion so more business can get done in one shot. This year we are answering the call, giving our customers an array of new exhibitors with products that their customers want and need. TPE23. We think the name has a nice ring to it.”

TPE23 is increasing their show floor by 30%, and will feature a dedicated space for the new brands and product categories. Companies interested in exhibiting or sponsorships at TPE should contact Dawn Conger at 805-390-0126.

TPE23 will be held February 22 – February 24, 2023 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attendee registration officially opens in September 2022, but people are encouraged to sign up to receive the Total Product Expo emails to be on our email list? for info on Early Bird offers. For more information, please visit