‘Tis The Season for YTPC Secret Santa

‘Tis the Season for YTPC Secret Santa

It’s November, which means the countdown to Christmas is on. Among other things, the holidays are a time to give gifts to our friends and loved ones. As they say, “It’s better to give than receive.” So, why not do both and take part in the YTPC Secret Santa, organized by Matthew from Picking and Piping.

Participants in our Secret Santa will have until December 25 to send another member pipe-related or holiday gifts (tobacco, merchandise, homemade item, etc.) up to $25 USD in value (or the equivalent in CAD or Euro). If you’re interested in joining this holiday gift exchange, email Matthew at pickingandpiping@gmail.com sending him your name, email address, mailing address, and YT channel name, by Monday, December 6. Then next day you’ll be emailed the contact information for another participant in your own country – it’s easier that way with tobacco and shipping laws.

Those of you that make Video Response, please consider creating a video promoting YTPC Secret Santa, and again, once you receive your gift. You’re certainly welcome to participate even if you’re not a presenter.

For more information on this gift exchange, watch the Picking and Piping’s video.

Happy Holidays and God bless you all!