Time To Stock Up

Little Piper Todd is up and about around the YTPC, which is a good sight to see. After his surgery this past week I thought we not see him for a little while, but it was a quick comeback. Hope he takes it easy.

Pipe Smoking 101

The Spurgeon Piper continues his series on pipe smoking. He has started answering questions from viewers, which is a great idea. Often people answer questions they think others want answered, and it might not be the case. Good to see concerns like this are being taken care of. How many videos can somebody watch about packing your pipe?

It’s also a good reminder to anyone just getting started smoking a pipe. There may be a lot of things you wonder about and aren’t sure. Ask around, guys like The Spurgeon Piper and many others are more than happy to help you out.

Big Smoke Phill postponed his give away for a couple days but drew the names yesterday. I won’t spoil the drawing for you, but congratulations to the winners. It was a very nice give away with some great prizes. Phill did a fantastic job and was so generous.


Smokingpipes is having a really good sale on G.L. Pease tobacco. 20% off every one of them. Most people like at least one of the blends in the G.L. Pease lineup, and in many cases, more than one. It’s been tough lately because just going to the gas station or the super market can cause heart palpitations. The sad news is pipe tobacco might be considered something you buy with disposable income. With less disposable income what’s one to do? Luckily a lot of people have built up their cellars to not only age tobacco, but to head off the government should they decide to go off the deep end.

The problem with dipping into a cellar is that prices will only go up. You still have to replace what you use today. 20% off sales are a good time to get ahead of the game. I hadn’t planned on buying anymore tobacco this year, but might hit them up.

I’m hyper sensitive lately because I flipped out in the auto parts store. I change the oil in my car like crazy, never going more than 3,000 miles without a change. Some people make fun of me, but I get 300K miles on my cars and it’s because I take care of them. Well, when I went in to buy the 5 quart jug it was $44. I went nuts.

I thought to myself, it wasn’t that long ago you could get them for $23, and catch them on sale for $17. What I should have done is buy as many as I could stuff in my car. Sure it would have been expensive, but how smart would that have been?

So I guess I’ll need to get ahold of Smokingpipes and see how many tins of tobacco can they stuff in the mail truck.