There’s No Such Thing As A Wrong Opinion

No Blob yesterday. Not because I didn’t have anything to say, but because I had too much. Needed the time to get my thoughts together. The last thing I wanted to do was to just start writing at one in the morning.


Mr. JcPipesNknives talked about the reaction some people have to things they don’t agree with, in this case, tobacco reviews. I tend to agree with him that when it comes to opinions, why should the fact that someone has a different one bother you? Personally, I like it when other people like things that I don’t. I also like it when people aren’t shy about articulating in a nice way the things they don’t like, or even hate. Hate may be too strong of a word here, but it’s the case when making a general point.

When someone fawns over every single thing, it makes me wonder if they are sincere in what they talk about. Now, some people choose to not publish reviews on the things they don’t like, so you have to take that into account.

The reason I mention this is because I’ve always said the most useful reviews are personal and they are done by those who’s tastes closely match you own. that includes not only the blends you like but the ones you don’t like as well. When I see a bad review I appreciate them just as much, as long as they are honest.


Another thing I like to take into account is the person’s personality. Often when a person is confronted with disagreement, they use the word drama. When I hear that I usually tune out.

I try to take personality into account just to be fair. Try to hear things in the way people intended them. I’m sensitive to this because I joke around a lot and often it is taken the wrong way. Here is an example and I”ll use food so you don’t think I’m secretly picking on a particular pipe tobacco blend review.

Putting pineapple on a pizza. Obviously an abomination. No sane person would do that. Probably done by a millennial who is very weak when it comes to peer pressure. Nobody really likes that.

Now, to me that’s funny. That’s something a grumpy old guy would say. I’m a grumpy old guy. Do I really care what people like on their pizza? Of course not. I like anchovies and love it when people make faces at me when I ask for them. Digging at people who like pineapple is a joke, just like I’d laugh if someone made fun of anchovies (the perfect pizza topping by the way). It’s funny because it doesn’t matter. You wouldn’t joke about what cancer treatment someone should get, because that does matter.

Even though people can and will take it the wrong way, I still think it’s funny. The problem nowadays is you aren’t supposed to offend anyone. Ever! Newsflash: That’s impossible.

Just Let It Roll Off Your Back

I guess I’ve settled on the way to handle it is to just say what you want, and if some people take it the wrong way, what can I do? I didn’t intend to start a fight or humiliate anyone so I’m not going to worry about it. Trust me, a lot of people get really mad at me, but I like them just the same anyway.

Laughing at oneself or each other is fine as far as I’m concerned. If you can’t take it, maybe you are the problem (that’s what I ask myself). Now if I intended to mock or humiliate someone, then I do have a problem and should be ashamed of that.

Small Batches, I Love Them

Now let’s get a little closer to home. JcPipesNknives also talked about the small batch tobacco blends. I totally agree with him. I often tease about them coming out every 15 minutes, because it’s funny. But I’m grateful they do it. I think it’s a wonderful thing that companies take the time and money to develop, market and distribute small batch blends. Even if I’m not going to try a certain blend, I’m still happy it’s there because other people might love it.

One of the reasons I make those comments is to prevent myself and others from chasing blends just because they are limited. If it were something I really wanted, I’m the guy up at midnight so I don’t miss out. Even though I laugh at people for doing it. It doesn’t mean I think it’s irrational, just funny.

Thank G-d for companies like C & D, Sutliff and Smokingpipes. As a pipe smoker I can’t imagine not having them around. Also, keep in mind they not only produce the blends I love, but the ones I don’t as well. And those people who buy the blends I don’t like keep the companies in business just as much as I do.

If someone wants to say I’m nuts because I don’t like cherry blends, that’s fine, it doesn’t bother me. If I want to taste cherries, I go out to my cherry orchard, not to my tobacco cellar.

When People Are Just Mean

I know some people are just jerks, but what am I going to do about it? Let them say what they want and don’t let it bother you. That’s the best way to handle it. It’s usually the people who know everything that are the ones you have to avoid the most. They also happen to be the ones most offended when you don’t agree with them. They have an inflated opinion of their own opinion, if you know what I mean.

Wow, that was edited down! I had a ton more I wanted to talk about but this turned out to be way too long. It’s just the Blob, not a college thesis.

Be a gentleman, enjoy your pipe and don’t let things that don’t matter bother you. Spend your time worrying about what’s really important. Like the rising price of anchovies.