The True Test of Tobacco is Time

A couple of days ago, That Pipe Guy did a video and in it he made the statement “The true test of tobacco is time”. There is so much wisdom in that. He’s not just taking about the effects time has on tobacco, as in the aging process, but how it stands up in the market over an extended period of time.

Just like clockwork, Cornell & Diehl comes out with their latest Small Batch blend, Palmetto Balkan. I’m not knocking the small batches. Overlooking the marketing angle, some of them are really good. I sure don’t blame a company for doing what they can to sell more product. Although at this point anyone who gets excited over something because it’s labelled “small batch” may want to take a moment.

When The Country Squire recently released Whale’s Song, that was a true small batch. I wouldn’t even call that hype, it was a small limited release. I’m sure we’ll see another limited blend like that from The Country Squire, but it isn’t going to be every month.

Sure hope it doesn’t sound like I’m busting on the big guys. They do a great job, and I’m not making fun of the “small batches.” I’m trying to focus on the backbone of the industry. The blends that have legs. To be fair I’ll even use their own list to show you (and a free link too!). The Top 10 Best Selling Virginia Blends. I would have guessed half the list and am not surprised by any that are on it.

The reason being is that these blends, with one or two exceptions, have been around for awhile. They don’t need the hype. They are on that list for a reason, and the reason is because they stood up to that test of time.

I Love Small Batches, Really

I get the fact that certain tobaccos are harder or impossible to get. That crops change from year to year, so you will always have that element of new, limited items. I think it’s a good part of the business despite being over used. I would like to see it marketed more along the lines of what they do with Squadron Leader with Perique. It’s limited, but you just have to wait for the release every year.

My guess it sells out just as fast, and they make their money on it. It doesn’t have to feel like a mattress sale to get people to guy it. For the most part, people know what they like and what’s good. They will buy it. If the small batch card is overplayed, all they will get are a few people rushing out to buy it so they can do a review on YouTube and everyone else yawning.

Odds & Ends

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