The Stage Is Set To Ban Online Tobacco Sales

The Bill to raise the tobacco purchasing age nationwide and the “ban” of internet tobacco sales has cleared the House Sub Committee.

We have some links to it on our news site where you can find the latest news and information.

The ban on internet sales is actually a ban on all non face to face sales, which catalog purchases and internet sales fall under. There isn’t much hope to come out of this unscathed. Politicians have no concerns for your individual Liberties, only what keeps the skids greased in Washington. Their re-elections and filling their campaign coffers.

The anti-tobacco lobby is filled with loud mouths and nanny state lunatics that are completely fine with totalitarian tactics, as long as it’s them wielding the power.

Get Up To Speed

There have been several YouTube videos on the subject, covering the Bill. Also, some blog posts including one from Voodoo Review that just came out.

Additives to flavor cigars will be outlawed. Good[bye], Cherry, Vanilla, any flavors including one of my personal favorites Pumpkin Spice. Wait, What, did you just read that? Yeah, you sure did. Acid, the best selling cigar world wide, Lane 1-Q the best selling pipe Tobacco world wide, and more products than I have time to list will be eliminated from sale in the United States.
Electronic sales will be outlawed. Brick and Mortar shops will see an increase in business, but your favorite 12 pipe and cigar retailers all have a very good online presence. Think about it, you will no longer be allowed to get any blend or cigar unless you can get it locally.

Voodoo Review

To read the entire article go to Voodoo Review.

HR2339 Run Through

Yardism runs you through the proposed Bill.

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