The Great Pumpkin Was A No-Show. Again!

Dragging a little bit this morning. I was up all night waiting for the Great Pumpkin and the jerk blew me off. What’s a guy got to do? Not that I can have any candy, but a little something for my effort would be nice.

The Puzzle

The November Pipe Puzzle has been published and is up on the home page of our magazine website. This very website you are on right now. After the last Puzzle which stumped scores of people, Mr. Tremblay decided to take it easy on everyone this month. The name of the game is speed, how fast can you solve it?

As usual I used my own time as the official solution time, but I really came in a minute or two under that. I wasn’t watching the clock that close and had to take a guess. I know it was under ten, so I put down nine. Only one real stumper in the bunch.

What’s In A Name?

Not only are my bones tired, but so is my brain. I’ve started to work on the new page that will feature new content creators. Mentioned it in yesterday’s Blob. On the bottom of that Blob is a little thing you can fill out if you know of any new YouTube channels or anything you think pipe smokers would like to discover. I’ll stick it on the bottom of this one as well.

The problem I’m now having is I don’t know what to name that page. It will come out about every month (maybe six weeks) so I should have some kind of snappy name that will stand over time. For whatever reason, I can’t think of a good one. If you have a good idea, let me have it. Even if it isn’t good, maybe it will give us a good idea.

Something clickable, but not click-bait.


Mr. Sonny The Piper put out his impressions of Sleepy Hollow from Straus Tobacconist. I tend to agree with him when it comes to that blend. I’m not much of an aromatic smoker either, but I like to order Sleepy Hollow every two or three years. Every year would be too much, but after awhile I get a hankering for it. I order the smallest amount they have available and I’m good.

In one respect, it’s not as bad as Molto Dolce, goopy-wise, but it’s not far off. The good thing is you can keep it around for 14 years and not worry about it drying out. Lucky for me, it doesn’t last that long. There is something about it that is very attractive. It does have a unique taste and room note. I’ve never met a non-smoker that didn’t love it.

I skipped this year, but by the time Autumn rolls around next year I’m going to be really itching to get some. This year I got Autumn Evening, but with my work schedule wasn’t able to get through it at the rate I normally do. I’d like to be done with it by Dec. 1st, but will go up to the end of Fall in a pinch. The conflict comes in when I want to get into the Christmas blends at the Beginning of Advent. I better get hot with that Autumn Evening.

Anyway, if you’ve never tried Sleepy Hollow and you are open to aromatics you should give it a try at least once. Don’t let the Cavendish scare you off. It isn’t as bad as usual. With Cavendish I usually get an after-taste that really turns me off, but with Sleepy Hollow they have it tamed pretty good.

Keeping with the Halloween theme, Sleepy Hollow leaves no doubt for the existence of ghosts. I highly recommend having a dedicated pipe for Sleepy Hollow. A filtered pipe would be best considering the above mentioned moisture. If you order any, shoot over to The Pipe Nook and pick out an appropriate pipe, you’ll be glad you did.


If you’re interested, Mr. Muttnchop Piper put out his Blend Club for October. The blend was Northwoods. A very nice blend from Boswells. I’ll just tell you I like it and forgo the smiley faces. I know this is not a popular position, but I really don’t like those smiley faces. OK if you’re a 14 year old girl. Not OK if you’re a grown man. Sorry if you’re offended, but for me, I just have an aversion to them.

Head over to Muttnchop’s page to check it out, just be sure not to ask him any personal questions. Just leave your smiley faces.


London Calling with Simon has a couple of pipes available. 659 and 660. Both really good looking pipes. His craftsmanship has really stepped up to another level. Simon has always made some pretty good pipes, but lately they have been just fantastic. Even if you aren’t interested in a new pipe just now, go take a look and see his latest pipes. I’m sure you will agree that they really are nice.

Here is that form again. Don’t be shy.