The Calendar Works

We have some wonderful news. At least to us it is. The problems that have been plaguing us on our websites have been repaired. After a few failed attempts from incompetents we finally found someone to clean it all up. Most of it is stuff you would never even see or know about, but some of it was quite glaring. The calendar being the biggest one.

You can now see all the events coming up. Each event has it’s own page and there is a link located on the bottom of the events list that will take you right to the monthly view. We can include a lot of information about your event including links to your website or YouTube channel. We can support reoccurring events as well as one time events that we can feature.

For example I have featured Paladin Piper’s Codger Hour tonight at 8:00. Each event has the ability to have all kinds of information. If you are on the monthly view, hovering over an event will give you a pop-up with more information.

This will give people a look at what’s going on with just a glance. No more relying on YouTube to alert you. If someone is planning on doing something, we can add it the minute we find out and if people make a habit of checking the calendar once in awhile, they won’t miss out. There is even a search feature on the top and a way to subscribe to the calendar at the bottom.

One thing I would like to mention. In the past people just assume I’m going to add their event or they don’t care. That’s fine, but don’t get mad at me if I leave something off. There are too many things going on for me to keep track. I used to get a little help, but not anymore. If someone has a contest or show, or anything, let me know. Have them email me or something. I’m not chasing after things anymore. Just don’t have the time. Not to be mean, it’s just a productivity issue.

I’m learning some of the features but there is more we can do and I’ll expand as I go. I really hope you enjoy this as much as we do. Please, pass the word and let people know about the changes. The best part of all is, IT WORKS!

There is some other information that is included in the newsletter so be sure to open that, but I don’t want to get too far off topic by rambling this morning.

You can check the events right from our homepage, and there is an events calendar as mentioned before with its own page.

If you see anything wrong, want to add something, or even enhance your own event by changing the image, just let me know.

Let me know what you think.