Texas Pipe Show This Saturday

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2019 Texas Pipe Show Is  SATURDAY!Pipe Smokers and Collectors,

The time is upon us! Saturday, the Texas Pipe Show will be here and boy are we excited! The weather report is calling for sun with a high in the sixties! It’ll be a perfect day to take advantage of the awesome back patio at Pop’s. 

Since the show’s so close, we wanted to touch base with you one last time to talk about a few, last-minute items.What should I bring?
Cash is king. Yes, some vendors will probably be able to take your cards and PayPal on-site, but having some cash just in case is a good idea. Additionally, if you want a chance to win some great stuff in the raffle, cash is going to come in really handy.   

Also, like the past couple of years, STG will be onsite with samples of a huge variety of their tobacco.  Due to federal regulations, these samples are not free, sadly. THANKS, FDA. They are required to charge a small amount of money (Very small. So small, it’s almost like a token gesture to meet the letter of a pointless law.), so you’re going to want to bring some singles for this. You’ll get your tickets from the Texas Clubs at the front table located next to STG. It will be the same table that has the raffle tickets so, you know, two birds with one stone. 

It’s Texas so the weather can range from hot as hell to freezing cold but it looks we’re in luck as the weather is predicted to be a high of 67 degrees and sunny skies. In other words, it’s perfect pipe weather.

Estate Pipes? Trades?
Have some estate pipes you’d like to peddle? Bring them! Swaps are encouraged. Who knows, maybe someone is interested in trading for exactly what you’ve got. Bring some of your pipes or cellared tobacco that you’d be interested in bartering. You never know what could happen!

Raffle Prizes:
$10 will get you an entry into the annual charity raffle. Proceeds from the raffle go to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project (via the good folks at Briar Nation) as well as to support the Texas clubs. If you’ve been to a Texas Pipe Show before, you know that the prizes are no joke and will include pipes, tobacco, and often bits of strange and unusual pipe history.

Arriving: what to do first?
Head to the front table, grab a name badge, put your name on it, snag your raffle tickets. Then get to exploring. There will be a bunch of carvers and vendors to talk to and plenty of tobacco to smoke. Want to wet your whistle? Pop’s has you covered with local beer on draft, a cooler full of frosty favorites, and an outstanding selection of wine and port.Parking:
In the past, there have been parking options including some free parking. This year, the best option is the parking lot a block down from Pop’s Safari room and NOT the garage across the street. Also, note that street parking is all metered parking now. Your best option for parking is the 1400 Foch street parking lot at around $10 for the full day (we’re pretty sure). It’s only a couple of blocks away. There are also a few other lots in the area that are similar in price. 

Again, and we cannot stress this enough, DO NOT park in the parking garage directly across from Pop’s. It’s insanely expensive and Pop’s cannot validate for any parking garage. Show Hotel:If you’re still working on last-minute arrangements we suggest the Holiday Inn Express  down the road from Pop’s Safari Room. They have a free shuttle that can take you down to Pop’s.  Holiday Inn Express & Suites Fort Worth Downtown
1111 W Lancaster Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76102
(817) 698-9595T-ShirtsThis year we’re also doing something new and putting our custom logo (designed by the amazing Rik Ruff) on a T-shirt! You can snag yours today when you check out with sizes from Small to 3XL. If you snag your shirt online now, you get a discount and you can pick it up when you show up in person. Prices go up the day of the show.

Buy Now!Show DetailsSchedule

 Oct 12th, 2019
Where: Pop’s Safari Room, Fort Worth TexasShow Schedule:
10 AM – Doors Open
2 PM – Slow Smoke Check-In
3 PM – Slow Smoke Begins
5 PM – Charity Raffle
7 PM – Show Closes Media Contact:Chris Dumoulin, James Foster
Marketing and Communications, Texas Pipe Show
www.texaspipeshow.com“…  and I will go to Texas.” Davy Crockett