Summer Give Away from Get Piped and Jay Furman

Good day. Hope everyone had a good weekend and a big welcome to all our Monday online newsletter readers and new subscribers. Sometime I get so focused on what’s going on, so I can bring you the latest pipe smoking news and information, that I forget that most people are not into all that content stuff. They are just your regular pipe smoker. Guys who do other things and just enjoy a pipe as a pastime. People not interested in watching or making YouTube videos about pipe tobacco. They don’t write articles for other pipe smokers or blobs, and they have just stumbled across this for one reason or another and because they enjoy their pipe, they stay and read a little.

Can’t tell you how much I envy them. Not in a jealous way, just in a way that I should learn from them. Although I know nothing about them and they may be consumed with something else. It’s sometimes hard to find just that right balance. Work, home, work, work, hobbies, work.

Just Pack A Pipe and Sit Back

Once in awhile time-wasters can be good, but that all depends on what you’re wasting your time on. It’s been about two weeks since I ditched social media. I’ve already stopped capitalizing the word. Don’t miss it at all. I was hoping when I began, it would help out my website, it never really did. I didn’t even put a link to the online newsletter in Twitter today that alway accompanies that release. Let’s see if it makes a difference. I’ll bet it doesn’t

The best part is I vowed not to fill the time with more work, or to waste it. I had mentioned that I never get to sit and enjoy a pipe anymore. Not like I used to anyway. It was always while doing something else like writing Blob posts or the newsletter. So now I try to take an hour a day, the time I wasted on stupid internet junk, and smoke a pipe. A contemplative pipe I like to call it. Doing something that is totally quiet or introspective.

Try it sometime, it will change your life. Maybe in contemplative prayer (I’ll bet St. Teresa of Avila wasn’t a pipe smoker), or watching the sailboats. Maybe watching kids hang upside down from a tall tree (let them be, don’t hover or they might grow up weak). Or watching an aquarium. Been a long time since I’ve done that in an enjoyable manner.

Just make sure what ever you decide to do doesn’t include a screen.

Summer Give Away

Adam “Get Piped” Floyd is hosting a summer give away series. Along with Jay Furman and The Producer Guy©, all a bunch of fit guys, are getting into the swing of it and would love for you to join them. It’s on Instagram and you can find them at get_piped, jfurman631 and gpp_producerguy.

Here is a summary of what it all about;

Get Fit. Stay Piped 

July 6th – August 31st 2022

-A weekly Pipe Smoker’s health and wellness inspired event that encourages Pipe Smokers to get active. With as little as a Lunt all the way to a workout at the gym with some weights. 

-Every Wednesday a new giveaway will be announced, with dozens of prizes from pipes, tobaccos, accessories, gift cards, workout equipment, and various leather goods. 

-Entry is simple, and there is no requirement to spend money, get a membership somewhere, or go for some crazy 5 mile run. It will typically be a thoughtful response to a weekly post.

-Each Sunday they will also issue an optional weekly challenge, from daily journaling, to lunting in public. 

-Some of our sponsors are, Missouri Meerschaum, BJV Pipes, Maheurin Bespoke Leather Goods, and Larry Blackett of Buttons 4 Your Britches.

They are also open to adding more sponsors and creators! They need only reach out to me through email or through instagram.

Doing My Part

I’m not one to enter contests. Can’t ever remember doing so, but I do like to participate. Always in my own way but never officially getting into the draw. This will be no exception but if Mr. Floyd thinks I’ll be killing it in the weight room he’s nuts. Even walking around the block is an entire morning affair for me. I’ll stick with my deep knee bends and call it good.

I’ll bet Brian Shaw isn’t a pipe smoker either, although he should be.