Starting Off 2023 Featuring New Content Creators 

Good day and welcome to the second issue of New Pipe Smoking Content Creators. Or New Content Creators who smoke a pipe. Possibly, Pipe Smokers you should know about. No matter how you think about it, these are YouTube channels, Rumble channels, Instagram accounts, podcasters who all create content for pipe smokers.

They are the ones you might not have heard about and your fellow pipe smokers think you should. It’s hard to get noticed anymore. There are somewhere between seven and eight trillion YouTube channels now. 99.9999% of them are mindless garbage, or worse. They all think they are the modern Alfred Hitchcock or Grace Kelly. 

What you actually get is a bunch of people who dream about being “influencers” while reviewing Whoppers from Burger King. The pipe community has a little of that, but for the most part it is generally people who want to sit back and smoke a pipe and share their experience with others. Not a bad goal. 

Help Them Rise To The Top

The problem is they get lost in a sea of drivel. They also have to compete with an endless list of videos with thumbnails that make you want to click on them. When you have one thumbnail of a young lady on the Swedish pole vaulting team and one of a pile of pipe tobacco, while most of us might choose the later, that is not the norm. The person making the pipe tobacco one has too much competition and he’s starting off at a disadvantage in the first place. 

So I guess it’s up to us to make sure the good ones don’t get lost in the sauce. If we have to recommend them ourself, that’s exactly what we are going to do. Not rely on YouTube to recommend them for us. 

Same goes to all other forms of content and platforms. If you see someone making content that you think other pipe smokers will love (not the Swedish pole vaulter) then let me know, or shout them out on your platform. Together we can get them the attention they deserve. 

Reader Picks

We put out a call in both The Blob and the weekly newsletter that if any one wanted to add a new content creator to our roundup they were welcome to do so. Didn’t get as many as I expected, but the ones that were pointed out were great and we are happy to feature them here.  

We have to start off with Mr. Pork Roll Piper. I’ve seen him all over the place, commenting on videos and making video responses. Just a great guy. With everyone talking about him the way they do, you would think he would have more subscribers than he does. It’s channels like this that prompted us to do this list. 

If you aren’t following Pork Roll Piper you are really missing out. I could have sworn he was mentioned in the last installment of the New Creators, but going back I didn’t see him. Hopefully, I have talked about him in The Blob, but I can’t remember that either. If I haven’t I’ve been seriously delinquent. 

Maybe I just assume he’s been around for a long time and everyone knows about his channel, but that’s not the case. If this were just a list of people I think you should look into, Mr. Pork Roll Piper would be at the top of the list. As you can see we have done just that here. 

Very Appealing

One of the most interesting finds this time around is pipe_appeal. What a great channel. Fans of the Artful Codger will really enjoy pipe_appeal’s videos. Ever since I was turned on to this channel I can’t wait for him to put out another video.

The guy running it is Parker, an old soul that has an affinity for the old time pipe brands and tobacco of yesteryear. He gives his viewers a taste of the nostalgia and magic of the golden age of pipe smoking.

You can see why I say Artful Codger fans will love him. I’m sure The Artful Codger himself is smoking a little Velvet watching pipe_appeal. 

If you’re an Instagram user, you can also find him over there as well.

One Man

Paul, One man and his pipe, is a hard one to describe, especially for a Yank like myself. At first you might think he’s one of those soccer hooligans, but he’s such a laid back calm kind of guy. At least he is in his videos. He apparently has a green thumb and you can see his beautiful flowers in his videos, also with his kitty cat, but he also looks like someone you wouldn’t want to mess with. 

He hasn’t put out that many videos, and after watching a few, I wish he would. I’d bet he is the kind of guy who could tell a good story or two. I’m anxious to see what he does with his channel. 

Pipes of Old is run by a man named Paul. He is into the YouTube Pipe Community and the Rumble Pipe Community. He’s been putting out quite a few videos in the last couple of months but has never come up on my homepage as a suggestion, nor have I heard anyone mention him. 

Too bad because he’s a really nice guy and deserves a look. If you like pipes you’re going to love his collection. Very nice. 

The Pros

As before we not only asked our readers to pitch in and recommend content creators, but we asked some people who really know the community well. They not only produce great content themselves, but go out of their way to help new people. 

From discovering the channels, to shouting them out and even spending an hour to sit down and talk with them. These are the people you go to when you want to find out more about what’s going on. 

Letting them introduce their picks themselves, let’s get right into it. 

Flat Cap Piper 

Flat Cap Piper was very excited to mention some of channels that have really caught his eye. The first one he wanted to tell you about is a small channel, HounDawg. But I’m not going to talk about him here. Read down a few guys and get the scoop. But while you’re here, Flat Cap really likes the HounDawg channel, just for the record. 

Did you know that Boris The Piper passed 100 subscribers? Next time he’s on the Flat Cap Piper Sports show talking about the big Kick Ball World Cup, be sure to congratulate him. Nobody can get me to come out of hiding like Boris can. I can’t resist saying Boris like they did on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show. Best name in the YTPC. Followed closely by The Smoove Piper.

Another recommendation from Flat Cap is a YTPC member with multiple talents, Pruncu’s Pipe Smoking Den. He has a playlist with cocktail recipes that is quite entertaining to watch. The recipes are simple to follow along with, and he includes detailed instructions. He also has a playlist for beginner pipe smokers.

One of the resources available to us is the playlist maintained on the Flat Cap Piper channel, called YTPC Introduction Videos. If you make an introduction video and you want to get it linked to on that playlist, just give Mr. Flatcap a shout. Oh man, I can’t remember if he made public his email address, I think he did. If not, he’s going to kill me. 

And if you’re looking to meet someone new, or see more than just what YouTube robots think you should see, go check out that playlist and see who’s on it. 

Ghost Cob

Most people know Shawn from his Find Five Friday series. I find more new people there than anywhere else. He does such a terrific job rounding them all up. Shouts out some veterans along the way, which is nice too. 

I could do a whole article on nothing but his finds, but we are just going to point a few of the ones that don’t get enough attention. If you want to see them all, go back through and start watching some of the most recent FFF videos. 

The Pipe Junkie, a tramping around in the woods, going fishing, strumming a guitar, smoking a pipe kind of guy. A country boy who reads Johnny Cash poetry. What’s not to like? If a few of you go over and subscribe to him, he will surpass two hundred subs. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Paul305 is a channel that isn’t centered around pipe smoking, but he does like to share the briar once in awhile. There is a lot of fishing content, and I’m not talking about sitting by the creek with a worm and a bobber, I’m talking serious fishing kind of stuff. Catching a Sailfish on 12 lb test! Unbelievable. 

Jeremy, known on YouTube as The Pipe Sedia, is another channel that is like that book buried in the pile on your nightstand. It’s been sitting there, but once you finally get to it you regret not having started it sooner. He’s got his recording studio all set up to look exactly like the inside of a garage. If you didn’t know any better you would think it’s real. He even calls is drinks garage Scotch. 

Nice young fellow that I’m happy to have found. 

Parsimonious Piper

Ethan, the Parsimonious Piper is on our panel because he does wonderful interviews with new YouTube Pipe Community members. He maintains the interviews in a dedicated playlist simply titled New Presenters

A couple of the most recent people he interviewed were JerzPiper, who was featured in our original New Content Creator article. Kevin, the JerzPiper, has been tearing it up! He’s posting two or three videos a week. I hope he doesn’t flame-out, so to speak. He’s got more energy than I could ever have. Every time I look he’s got another hundred subscribers. Good for him, he really deserves it. 

The other interview that caught my eye recently was the one with Silas the GoldenStatePipeSmoker. He’s taken the opposite approach than Kevin. Slow and steady. He waits a couple of months between videos. I’d like to encourage him to do more, but he looks like the kind of guy that does things at his own pace.

This time around Ethan wanted to call attention to a couple of guys who have established channels, but have no where near the viewership they deserve. When I saw the ones he was talking about, I immediately agreed with him. 

Two To Watch

The first is A Piper Wandering. I love his channel. Adam has been around for about a year and his videos get about 50 views which amazes me. He puts up one or two videos a week and I’m so happy when one pops up in my list. He was the reason I was blabbing about pokers the other week, it was from his Christmas Secret Santa video. 

The second one that Mr. Parsimonious Piper wanted to mention to everyone was Dr. Rockwood. You may recall seeing us link to him lately since he just had a 150 subscriber give away. He’s added a hundred since, but should have 500 more if you ask me. 

Dr. Rockwood is a hard one to describe, because on the one hand he seems like a young Armchair Piper. Not that Mr. Armchair Piper himself is all that, well, you know. But if one were to have known Edward when he as a lad, did he sit in an armchair wearing a smoking jacket, enjoying his pipe? I assume he did, but that was, let me think, 30 …40…50… Oh, I can’t do the math.

But Dr. Rockwood is that young and he does just that. I haven’t seen him wearing a fez, but he does sport a flat cap, which reminds me of another channel. That guy you just passed a couple segments ago. 

Two young guys, Adam and the Dr., A couple of young guys that are the ones I think about when I wonder what the pipe smoking hobby will be like years from now. 

SlowMo Randy (S.M.R.)

Last on the list, but only because they are in alphabetical order, is Mr. SloMo Randy, or S.M.R. to his pipe smoking friends. Mr. SloMo has been very supportive and eager to help on this project. He is usually first in line to help out creators that are just getting started, so this is right up his alley.

The first presenter Randy mentioned is one he has been watching for some time. The channel name is Puro Padre’s Place. He is at 41 subs as I’m writing this. He doesn’t speak in his videos but he usually writes about the video in the description section. Most of the time he’s outdoors on his property. Which is something to see. Definitely worth a subscription. 

Editor’s note: As this article goes to press, he’s up to 44 subscribers and I have really enjoyed his videos. Puro Padre has a wonderful collection of pipes and is keeping it simple in 2023. S.M.R. is correct, be sure to read the descriptions while watching the videos. 

Don’t Doze Off, We’re Almost Done

The second presenter Randy wanted to talk about is Dozy Dad. He is currently at 33 subs. Again in the same vein as Puro Padre, Dozy Dad does silent videos. You hear the lighter, matches and whatever worldly noises that are happening around him. 

Some of his videos have a comment in the description and some do not. Randy says “it’s been a really neat experience for me to see this style of video. Both of these gentleman’s videos are outside of the box. And I really enjoy it.”

If you check out his community section of the channel, he offers a look into how he is editing the videos and where he plans to go. It’s worth a look for anyone following him.

I couldn’t agree more. It’s fantastic when people do their own thing. Sometimes doing less is what stands out. I don’t want to say doing less is more, because usually doing more is doing more. But in both these cases it makes for interesting content. 

Write Your Own Script

Let that also be a lesson to those that might not want to make a video because you don’t know that to say. You don’t have to follow everyone else’s formula. Write your own.

This one I’ll leave to Randy to tell you in his own words. 

Lastly I’ll leave you with one of my newest subscriptions. Some other channels have shouted him out. His channel is HounDawg. He is standing at 33 subs as of today. This gentleman’s videos are of his pipe smoking and also he’s been throwing in some musical content as well. So far I’ve seen him sing and play acoustic guitar as well as the harmonica. He seems to be really enjoying the YTPC and has been subbing channels right back. He is definitely worth checking out and a sub in my opinion. 

As I wrote this up, I thought I’d better look and see where his sub count was since a lot of people have mentioned him and I thought he’d be way up there already. Especially since his harmonica playing seems to have won a lot of people over. He is at only 37! I was shocked, everyone is talking about him, but not subscribing, I can’t figure that out. 

By the way, I put Mr. HounDawg here in the S.M.R. section since he was the first one to mention him to me. Everyone else threw his name into the ring, but Randy was the first, so I put it here. 

Thanks Again For Reading

The plan is put one of these out every quarter. If in the meantime, before the next one comes out, you want your channel mentioned, or you know of a great presenter that would fit perfectly, let me know. 

This is for new people or under appreciated channels. If you have two hundred thousand subscribers, I’m probably not going to include you. The bast way to do so would be to send an email to If you’re a fan of one of the above “pros”, you might think about letting them know. 

Thank you to everyone who wrote in and recommend a channel. Also, thank you so much for the guys who took the time from their own busy show content schedule to participate. They know more about what’s going on than I do and I appreciate their input and advice. 

You can do your part by passing the word on some of these wonderful pipe smokers and help us promote their content. Even if it’s just passing along a link to this article to someone you think might enjoy it.