Special IPSD 2023 Pipe Puzzle

One thing that both Matthew and I are both proud of is the diversity of the Pipe Puzzles. No matter what kind of puzzle you may like, if you’re a causal solver or expert mindbogglerologist, we have something for you.

Not only that, we keep them Pipe Themed which seems almost impossible. Well, it might be for the rookie puzzle makers, like those at the New York Times, but for us it’s no problem at all. In fact, we are just getting started. Wait until you see all the great puzzles we have lined up. We should publish a book.

In honor of International Pipe Smoking Day, second on the pipe smoking calendar right behind Pipe Week, Mr. Tremblay has picked up pencil and ruler and devised a surprisingly hard maze puzzle for you to solve.

I thought I’d breeze through this one, but was still scratching my head ten minutes in. Not until I printed it out was I able to solve it.

So if you’ve already tried to make your way through the hedge maze in the photo above, you are all set to begin this special edition puzzle.

Good luck.

The solution will appear at the bottom of the March Pipe puzzle.