Some Good Deals For Pipe Smokers

Before I get too far, I want to make sure you know about The Pipe Nook’s Flash Sale. Today is the last day. Sorry about that, but by the time I found out, I was out of Blobs for the week. Info is in the current newsletter, but this comes out first thing in the morning so you have a little time left to take advantage of the sale.

Here is what Eddie put out in his news release;

Rattray’s Pipes Flash Sale at The Pipe Nook! $10 to $20 Off All In-Stock Rattray’s Pipes for a Limited Time!

Rattray’s just recently had a price i ncrease on most, if not all, or their pipes. I’m sure this comes as no surprise, as prices these days have been rising on most things, as costs of materials and production have risen. However, to ease the sting, I’ve decided to run a sale from Saturday November 5th through Monday November 7th on all Rattray’s pipes! Here’s your chance to get a Rattray’s pipe for around the cost they used to be. For a limited time, Rattray’s Fachen, Goblin, and Dark Ale pipes are all $10 off, while higher end pipes such as Rattray’s Beltane’s Fire and The Judge pipes are a full $20 off!

No coupon necessary, as you’ll see the discounted price on the store page. Now is the time to grab that Rattray’s pipe you’ve been eyeing!

Here is a link over to the PIpe Nook for you.

What Is Happiness?

Have you been missing Scarlet? I know I have. She recently put out a video so we all know she’s doing well. She talks about a subject we all love, happiness.

Light a pipe, and watch the video where she not only talks about happiness, but gives ten tips the subject.

On a related subject, no pun intended, Roland The Dragon also put out a video. While not smoking a pipe he has a question for you. Where do you watch your YTPC videos? For me it’s in my office while producing content for Briar Report. Just like I’m doing right now. It’s also the only place I get on the internet so it’s the location by default.


Professor Walker of WPC has a very nice Blowfish inspired pipe available. You can see it up close on this video. It has some fantastic Birdseye and looks like a wonderful pipe. The prices he charges are fantastic for a handmade pipe and if you currently don’t have a WPC pipe in your collection, you might want to consider it.

Seattle Pipe Club Tobaccos

Pipes & Cigars is excited to be featuring Seattle Pipe Club created by a club member, Joe Lankford, with bold flavors to choose from. Some of the signature blends include Plum Pudding, Mississippi River, Seattle Evening, and more. As the popularity of the Seattle Pipe Club has expanded over the years, so has its portfolio. As a celebration of these terrific blends, Pipes & Cigars are taking 15% off with prices starting at $14.29.

Just passing the information along. No link because they are not an advertiser, but it is a good deal.

My name is Inigo Montoya

On last night’s Briar Blues live show, Mike mentioned the list we maintain of people’s first names. It’s nice to know someone’s real name, because it can be awkward referring to them as fuzznuts6832. There isn’t a direct link to that page and it comes up ever so often of people trying to find it. Here is a direct link to that page.

It’s in pdf format so you can easily print it out. Just realized it’s 16 pages long, WOW! If you’re not on the list and want to be, all you have to do is send either me or Mike an email and next time we update it we’ll add you. Mike actually maintains the list, I just publish it.