Snapshot: Cornell & Diehl Shandygaff

The latest Snapshot is being brought to you by the wise, and humble, Mr. Pipefool. This is the first in a two part series, and the blend is Cornell & Diehl’s Shandygaff.

The inspiration for this Snapshot came from a video Smokingpipes put out a couple years ago. It featured Mr. Jeremy Reeves, head blender at Cornell & Diehl and the host of the show, Mr. Adam O’Neill, now with Smokingpipes Europe.

In the video Adam asks Jeremy what he thinks are the five most underrated bulk blends in the C & D lineup. Topping the list was a blend called Shandygaff.


Shandygaff is a Turkish forward pipe tobacco. Mr. Reeves discusses how the Oriental Turkish tobacco pairs so well with a little bit of Burley. Through it all it has a touch of Perique that accentuates the spice and fruitiness in the blend.

The blend is described on the Smokingpipes website as follows:

An unusual old Atlas Blending mixture C&D acquired the rights to, Shandygaff combines Burley, Turkish, and Perique leaf to produce a smoke often described as carrying flavors of ginger and salty sea air.

Smokingpipes website

Since that video came out we’ve seen several reviews on Shandygaff. One thing that we noticed was that people who liked it, really liked it when it got a little age on it. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to not only see if Shandygaff lives up to the “underrated” moniker that has been pinned on it, but if age will, in fact, make any difference.

Mr. Pipefool has agreed to not only do a review for us now, but to cellar some of this blend and come back in one year and report his findings.

Smokingpipes Video

Here is the original Smokingpipes video with Adam & Jeremy.

As for the Snapshot, we allow the reviewer to submit their report in any form they choose. It’s their article and we accommodate any form they want. Pipefool has decided to do his review in the form of a video. The video’s home can be found on Pipefool’s YouTube channel of the same name.

In Addition To The Video Review

In addition to the video Pipefool had this to say.

I have had the pleasure to review Cornell & Diehl’s Shandygaff. It is a beautiful finely cut blend of Burly, Oriental/Turkish and  Perique. The bag note I take from the blend is bread and dark figs much like a Virginia blend. Pleasingly The flavors that I took away were the same as the bag note. The blend is very well melded with no one component overpowering the other. I would recommend Shandygaff to someone wishing to branch out into other tobacco blends. The blend is smooth and there was no tongue bite. I only had one complaint if you would even call it a complaint. The smoke gives off a  slight odder of cigarette smoke. While this may not be a tobacco for mixed company it is one that I would recommend and will continue to enjoy. 

Phil and the rest of Briar Report Thank you for this opportunity to review Cornell & Diehl Shandygaff. 

In Closing

That was a fantastic review. If you like Oriental tobaccos or are game to try new things, Shandygaff might be a blend you might enjoy. You can find it right on the Smokingpipes website.

We would like to thank Pipefool for his time and wonderful review.


Pipefool is an avid pipe smoker and cigar lover. You can see his videos on premium tobacco and his thoughts on life at his YouTube channel. You can also find him on Twitter @Pipefool1 and on Instagram.

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