Site Breakdown

Yesterday I mentioned the new Get Piped Podcast (G double P for all us cool guys) and I’m glad I found out about it early. There are only two real episodes up so it only took me a couple of hours to listen to everything. In one respect I’m glad there was only two because it didn’t take me long to listen. If there would have been 15 episodes, I’d still be making my way through it. I highly recommend you check it out.

The other thing is, I wish there were more. See, no matter what I’m not happy. He better not get bored and quit or I’m going to be glum. Not Glum Chum kind of glum, more grouchy. Fred Sanford. Hope he sticks with it since the content is great. If you wonder where the future of pipe smoking is, listen to Get Piped. I don’t want to dismiss or diminish the older guys. I love their content too, and I’m content with it. But even someone as dense as me can see that if this hobby is going anywhere, it’s with guys like that.

You don’t have to be young to see quality. I may not get all the references but that’s fine. Young people can roll their eyes, just like I do when I make a Raymond Chandler joke and nobody gets it. That’s cool. But that’s in the details. The big picture is that the future isn’t with a frumpy old dude holding up a tin of Solani aged burly flake.

What’s the average age of people on forums? I don’t think my calculator goes that high. They are great if you want to learn that the guy I just mentioned had pork chops for dinner last night Or to get yelled at because you don’t know the difference between The Animals and The Monkees.

Programming Note

The Prayer Meeting Monday Show which is hosted by LetMyCameronGo! will be on the enasdad channel tonight at 9:00 Eastern. Here is Robert announcing the substitution.

Welcome Newsletter Readers

Sorry about that little intro. I might have been making fun of myself, I’m not sure.

Many of you already know what I’m about to say, but we have some new readers. Bare with me.

What I wanted to say in the newsletter but didn’t have space, is to explain how I have the website laid out as far as content and where the blob and newsletter fit in.

Many people when giving the Briar Report a plug usually say “sign up for the Briar Report”. I appreciate that very much. Of course they are talking about the newsletter. Only a small part of what we have.

As you know we have two sites. The news site at and the magazine site at The reason they are different is because I wanted to preserve the certain “feel” of the news site. It’s not a ripoff, it’s a homage. Anyway, usually sites want to have a consistent look if they go across different URLs, but I decided to just do it this way. Probably wrong, but it’s what it is.

Visiting the news site daily is what we hope people would do. It’s tough to find pipe smoking news stories so there isn’t going to be a ton of new stuff. Usually just two or three. It’s a great way to check real fast and see what’s going on.

The magazine has original content. Search Engines will actually look at that site and direct people there, unlike the news site. Currently we don’t add a lot of content, but we hope to make it more regular. We also use it to host content from anyone that wants to publish something.

You Can Be The Next Gertrude Stein

If anyone wants to write a review or anything for that matter, let me know. I’ll publish it in the magazine. There are a couple of rules which maybe I’ll share tomorrow. This is already too long.

There are two more platforms we use. One is the newsletter. That one you have to be subscribed to. It comes out once a week and has some interesting (at least to me) stories and links. If you just don’t have the time and want to have a convenient recap delivered right to your inbox, the newsletter is for you.

Keep in mind the listings in the newsletter are just for live shows. If there is an event like a give away or something special, we can mention it, but it won’t be in the listings as a separate item.

In the magazine is an Events Calendar. That has much more space for anything and everything. We have already added special events and club information that you can see at a glance. Checking that calendar is a much better way to see what’s going on for a particular day. If you want your event added, just let me know. Even one time things like you plan on burning your head off with a 25 million Scoville unit Dorito chip.

The Blob

The other platform, even though it’s part of the magazine, is this blog. We realized over the past few months that there really isn’t any consistent daily pipe smoking content outside YouTube videos and the forums. We decided to man this blog so that people could get timely information without some idiot blathering on and on. With this blog, you get one of those.

Unlike today, I try to keep it a quick read. Maybe once a week, I go long. Today I did because I encouraged people to come over from the newsletter. I wanted to tell them that in the future what I want to do is use that newsletter to only give a bare bones outline and bullet points to keep people up to date. The real daily information will be found here.

I’ll add more links from that newsletter to here. Sort of like a “read more” kind of thing. That way the newsletter doesn’t get out of hand, plus people can read as much or as little detail as they want. Haven’t totally decided on how it will look yet, and if you have any ideas, let me know.

How You Can Support Us

If you want to support us, something we are so grateful for, tell people to visit us. Check the news to see if anything big happened, then go to the magazine, check if there is any new stories and read the Blob.

A few minutes of your day. You can go over the top and subscribe to the newsletter and you’d be hitting the Briar Report Trifecta.

We want to be on the cutting edge of pipe smoking content, not the old fuddy-duddy I was talking about before.

Now that I have said that, I need a nap.