Review Missouri Meerschaum Crumble Kake Orchard Mist

Missouri Meerschaum Crumble Kake Orchard Mist Limited Edition is described as follows:

A select blend of Burley and Virginia tobaccos were aged in a peach brandy barrel for 90 days creating this Limited-Edition Orchard Mist Crumble Kake

With each of the 1800 Special Edition tins numbered having one in your tobacco collection is a must.

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Flat Cap Piper & Lady Fire featured Missouri Meerschaum Crumble Kake on their Popping The Tin series. You can watch that episode here.

CatDadPiper shared his review here.

Not many reviews so far but if you do one and want us to add it to this list, just let us know.

Missouri Meerschaum

Here is a link to the product page on the Missouri Meerschaum website. Other retailers also carry this blend.

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