Remembering Chip Kushner

Chip Kushner, Customer Service Manager for Smokingpipes passed away at the very young age of 53. It’s a shock to loose someone so early but that shouldn’t stop us from remembering what a wonderful, smart man he was. He was so generous with his vast knowledge of pipes and it was a joy to know him, as his family and friends at Smokingpipes know. 

Sykes Wilford, founder of Smoking pipes writes about the life of his dear friend and someone who was a credit to the Pipe Smoking world. Take a minute to read Mr. Wilford’s thoughts on Chip.

To most of us he will be remembered for his role at Smokingpipes but his life was so much more than that. For people who love pipes, watching Chip talk about pipes and his own in particular, brings back some warm memories. These videos are from All Pipes Considered with Shane Ireland

Our deepest condolences go out to Mr. Kushner’s friends and family. He will be enormously missed but not forgotten.