Ready for A Big Auction and Some News

Thanks to putting good systems in place, I’m able to get back into Blobbing with minimal ramp-up. The day will come soon when this will be my primary focus and all I can say is, stand by. We will go from almost no pipe smoking news and information to a little bit.

The newsletter is coming out today and as usual, Blob readers get a little sneak peek.


The biggest news is that MBSD Pipes, a Georgia based company, is going to be auctioning 15 unsmoked Les Wood Astley pipes. They are from the private collection of Paul Bentley’s son. Mr. Bentley was the owner of Astley’s Pipes up until their closing. This should be a wonderful auction.

The actual announcement is coming out in the middle of this week. Including a link where you can view the pipes and put in a bid. The only reason I mentioned it in the newsletter is because the next one is after the auction begins. I’d hate to think the website that prides itself on cutting edge pipe smoking news would get scooped by everybody and their momma with a cell phone and a YouTube channel. Unthinkable.

There will also be some other big news associated with MBSD Pipes, but as far as that goes, I’ll wait.


The other big item of interest is that Yardism is going to fill in for the Thursday Briar Blues Zoom get together. Anyone interested in joining in should look for updates and links on Yardism’s YouTube channel. Here’s a handy link.

If you don’t do the Zoom thing, you can still catch Chad on Tuesday afternoons and Fridays. Plus he’s been doing a lot of six packin’ and contemplatin’ lately. The videos are a nice length and are always fun.

Last Saturday Flat Cap Piper and Lady Fire released another Stay Lit Cigar review. If you haven’t seen any of those yet, this is the one to check out. The stogie got a thumbs down, a big thumbs down, from half of the team. It was a very funny video and worth your time even if you’re not really a cigar guy.

I have an ad for Briar Blues here, even though he’s on vacation/world tour. If you order something from his site, shipping will be a little slower than usual since it won’t go out until he returns. Wouldn’t it be funny if when he got back all the pipes were sold and he had to box them all up and get them mailed right away?


I have a huge stack of stuff I want to get to, but I don’t want to make today’s Blob too long. And I want stuff for later in the week. I wanted to talk about a few of the channels that are really cranking out the content. It’s hard to produce day after day, or even once or twice a week, so I think they deserve a little attention for their efforts.

Often is the case where someone goes all in on content creation, but so-so reaction from viewers causes them to move on. It’s important to let them know that there are people watching and they appreciate all their work.

I also have some articles I had intended to get out last month that got put on hold. Hopefully I can catch up on those as well. Check in on the magazine site during the week and we should have a few things for you to look at.

See you tomorrow.