Pipe Week 2022 Is Underway

The first Pipe Week 2022 video is out and it was from Brad The Bearded Piper. Well done sir, first out of the blocks. By the way, the graphic for today was stolen from Brad’s video. Maybe he won’t notice!

The Pipe Nook has a special Pipe Week Sale going on. Briar Report readers can use coupon code PIPEWEEK2022 in the coupon field at checkout to receive 10% off any and all in-stock Briar pipes, including those from Savinelli, Rossi, Peterson, and Rattray’s! This coupon will be good through the end of pipe week and will expire on Sunday, 6/26 at midnight. Eddie has been pretty sale-happy lately, but he was more than happy to offer one to the community. He won’t be sharing this coupon on social media or in his newsletter, so only those in-the-know through Briar Report will be able to take advantage of this sale! 

This will be announced in the newsletter later on today, but Blob readers can get a little sneak peak.

Update On Matthew

Earlier in the weekend I heard from our friend Mr. Picking & Piping Matthew, Puzzle Master and Bingo Caller. He seemed to be very optimistic after his recent surgery. I thought he would be in low gear, but he appeared to be confronting the recovery head on. That’s always nice to hear. I’m sure he’s not all that happy right now, but at least he’s on the road back to normal. He made an appearance on the Briar Blues Live show last night so I suspect you might see him around this week. Be sure to say hi.

Big Sale At Briar Blues, Unless You Call It Mike Week

Don’t forget that Briar Blues also has a special coupon code. Starting yesterday you can get a 10% savings, across the board, on any pipes on the Briar Blues website. Use code PipeWeek at checkout. Usually when I mention Briar Blues I recommend going to the Latest Arrivals page first. It’s what I do. But for Pipe Week I usually head right for that pipe I’ve had my eye on, but haven’t gotten for one reason or another. This is the time to get that pipe you always wanted. If you’re only going to buy a good pipe once or twice a year, this is it. If you’ve been saying I’m going to get me one of those Asikyan Pipes, or there is that one pipe that would really be at home in your collection, take advantage of the sale and put it on your rack.

Mike reported last night that there will be an “old school” event at the Las Vegas International Pipe Show this year. There will be a window of a couple of hours where you will be able to trade pipes outright with others at the event. That’s not something you see anymore, so be sure to bring pipes that need more loving with you and see what you can get for them.

Cigar Blends

I have been asked by two people how my cigar blend tasting is going. If you remember correctly, people were talking about cigar leaf blends when the Saint Espresso from Warped came out last month. I had ordered a few tins of that along with two other blends to compare them.

The two others were Mad Fiddler Flake (recommended by Mr. Kaplowitz) and Cloud Hopper (recommended by Mr. Marsh). I didn’t want to have too many tins open at the same time, which is a problem most of us have, so I vowed to not open the next until the current one is finished. I began with the Mad Fiddler Flake. A few weeks ago I did talk about it and gave you my initial thoughts on the blend.

It’s in my rotation, but only one bowl a day at the most, so it’s taking awhile. I’m almost done with the first tin now. My thoughts haven’t changed much. I love popping that tin open everyday. There is something about the first whiff of it you get that is great. You can tell it has that cigar leaf in it when I return to the room after smoking it. There is a lingering effect that is slightly more than usual. I wonder why cigars do that? Not that it’s terrible, but you can notice it.

My stance on cigar leaf is that if I want cigar leaf, I’ll smoke a cigar. Nothing wrong with that, right? But it does add an interesting note to the Mad Fiddler Flake. I still can’t get over the similarity to Windjammer.

Long Term

Don’t know what I will do long term, but I think this is something I’m going to want to stock in the vault. Similar to how I feel about Blockade Runner. Not something I smoke often, but when I want it I’m glad to have it around.

This Week

Only on day two of Pipe Week, so not much to pass on. As more videos come out I’ll be able to share and comment on them. In the meantime I can watch Old Hollywood Briar shorts and pass the time.