Pipe Tobacco Tax on Remote Sales in Colorado

On his first live show since his return, Mike from Briar Blues shared stories of his recent trip to Italy. Including visits to both the Castello and Radice factories. You can find out more on Mike’s Zoom show which he will resume hosting duties this coming Thursday at 6:45 Eastern, 3:45 Pacific. 

I was surprised to see so much going on. Usually in the late Spring like this, people start their vacations and you see less and less. It really gets into full swing when school lets out and people who have a family, pack those kids in the Wagon Queen Family Truckster and take off. 

Like I’ve said in the past, I love it when I get the bounces from our weekly newsletter. Every week I get a whole bunch of notices telling me that the person is “out of the office.” Tells me when they will be back and usually a contact person if it’s an emergency. Does the Briar Report newsletter constitute an emergency?

Anyway, there are so many people I would not know about and this bounce is a way for me to see their names and think about them for a second or two. People who take the time to read the newsletter and are interested in pipes. My kind of guys. Plus it confirms my theory that most people go on the Briar Report website and read about pipe stuff while they are at work. 

Tobacco Law

Just spent an hour trying to get a decent article I could link to on the News website about the new Colorado law, enforcing the tax on pipe tobacco for remote sales. It was impossible, for me, to find anything useful. Since the government is involved they make it confusing as heck. 

The articles I could find are from either law services or a couple of news outlets, both which require a subscriptions to read. I can’t link to those.

But I did learn way more than I want to about Colorado tobacco tax. It’s criminal what they do. From what I can get, a 20% tax will be charged to any tobacco coming into the state. I don’t think that’s part of the 50% tax they already have, which is on a sliding scale and will go up every couple of years. 

The law they had exempted cigars and pipe tobacco, but this new version, HB23-1015, that was just signed by Governor Jared Polls would get rid of that exemption. If you end up going down that rabbit hole you learn a ton of stuff that will just make you mad. 

For instance, if the retailer doesn’t pay the tax, the consumer is responsible. You would have to get a form and send in payment yourself. If you blow it off and get caught, the fine is 500% of the price of the tobacco. 

I’m telling you, stock up. Might not be able to totally isolate yourself from these tyrants, but every little bit helps. 

Forget Them

Lets talk about some good things instead. 

Professor Jeremiah checked in with a front porch video. He has not been around as much as he used to, so when you see him it’s a treat. 

HolySmokeNpipePadre also uploaded his monthly video. He’s much more devout when it comes to his video schedule. Maybe with some other things too, wouldn’t know. 

Tonight is The Nashville Mafia Live! Watch John and Willie at 8:30 Eastern while they chat about all things pipe smoking related. Plus a few “off topic” items of interest. 

Mr Charlie Jalinsky will be hosting his own show on the YTPC Theater channel. This is his first time going solo for a full length show. I’ve heard that when he gets nervous he tends to drink too much. I hope that’s not the case tonight. We’ll see. 

I”ll leave you with that. Hope you all have a good day. Thanks for stopping by.