Pipe Smoking News On Deck

There are a couple of news items that are going to be rolling out shortly that I’m sure many people will find interesting. One is the Chesterton & Co. Cigar lounge located in Steubenville Ohio will be opening on October 7th. It was recently bought by a media conglomerate and they are totally renovating the whole place. The former Diamond Square Cigar Lounge needed a lot of work, which the new owners are diligently taking care of right now.

It seems like it will be a pipe friendly place and we can’t wait for it to open. There is a website, but it hasn’t been populated yet. It’s even close enough to me that I might consider making a trip there some day. Possibly for some kind of meet up. There are so many pipe smokers in Ohio, I’m thinking this might be a great place for them to meet.

As I find out more information, I’ll pass it along. If you know of any pipe or cigar smokers in the Ohio area, be sure to let them know about Chesterton & Co. Cigars.

TPI X-221

Tobacco Pipes International is rolling out his new product TPI X-221. He promotes it not as a cleaner, but as a buffing wheel in a jar. Not only cleaning up the dingy old briar, but restoring it back to it’s glory days, so to speak. There haven’t been very many reviews that I have seen yet and am looking forward to seeing what people have to say.

During this past week’s Tuesday Tailgate with Mr. Donald Hughes discussed the product with Mark from TPI. Specifically using it on a rusticated pipe. Here is Mark’s video response to that question.

If you have any experience with X-221, let me know. I’m trying to learn more, but don’t want to just hear “promotional” replies. I want to find out the truth so I can let you all know.

My No. 1

A reader had been going through some older Blobs and ran across my post about my current No. 1 pipe, an Asikyan. It says so in the post and I needed to repeat, being my no. 1 doesn’t mean it’s my favorite, it means it’s the no. 1 pipe in my rotation. The one I smoke the most. It is surprising since I don’t smoke many bent pipes, but this one for some reason has really grown on me.

Probably because of the bigger bowl, which on a billiard would put the weight out too far, is why I like it. It might also be because it’s quite a bit different than most of my other pipes.

I was going to keep going here, but Yardism just put out a video on communication that I want to watch, so I’m cutting this short so I can watch it.

See you tomorrow.