Pipe Rolls, Push Back, and Asian Pipes

Ed the Armchair Piper released the video announcing his 3rd anniversary give away. We reported on it yesterday and you can go to that link if you want to just see the rules. Otherwise you can watch Mr. Armchair’s video

The Spurgeon Piper put out a fantastic video talking about how to handle pushback over pipe smoking. He addresses many good points that you might be able to use if you have friends or family that are not too happy with you smoking a pipe. 

Pipe Rolls

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to explain why I came right out and said which reamer was best, but in the case of the pipe roll I linked to Mr. Joel W’s video about a pipe roll he got off of Amazon I left it open. The pipe roll in general is a fantastic accessory and when you have one you can appreciate its assets.

Unlike the reamer, I was just talking about the pipe roll in general. In my opinion, it is the best way to travel with a pipe. Not necessarily on a airplane so something like that, but out and about. Having a small bag is nice but then it ends up turning into a woman’s purse. All kinds of junk make their way into the bag. While convenient, I don’t think it’s the best option.

The pipe roll is versatile enough that if you wanted to do something like add a tobacco pouch, it will fit inside the roll, even if it’s not just in one of the pre-made slots. It may not seem like you can do much with it, but after you’ve had one awhile, you can really personalize it to your tastes. 

In the case of the Amazon roll, if you don’t want to spend too much money, it’s a good thing to get. I’m sure the canvas roll would last a long time and if you did end up really liking it, you could always upgrade. I didn’t want to mention something else in the Blob post and take away from what Joel was saying. 

But if you did want to look into better pipe rolls, ones made out of leather, here is a good list for you to start looking. 

Northwest GentlemanSmoking HolstersThe Vintage Gentleman, and many stores on etsy

Today’s sponsor is Tobacco Pipes Japan. If you click on that banner it will take you to the page with all the Liu Zifeng pipes. The photo chosen for that banner was The Tiger Apple, I love how they name their pipes), but you should check out some others. The Sweet Tomato is pretty cool and my favorite is the Bamboo Billiard. All those pipes I’ve mentioned have bamboo stems which is what I think of when I think of Asian pipes. Of course, they all don’t have that and a pipe like The Elegant Dublin, bamboo would take away from that amazing birdseye which is just stunning. Check them out. 

Tonight is The Nashville Mafia Live show. 8:30 Eastern. For the first half hour you can enjoy strange music, sound effects and other things you can’t understand while chatting with such dignitaries as Mr. Scripto, his crazy brother, and Boris the Magnificent. You might even catch the elusive Pipe Ninja

Not much going on for a Wednesday, so I’ll let you all get to work.