Pipe Puzzle, March 2023

Edited by Matthew Tremblay

We are happy to introduce Briar Report’s very first 15 x 15 style crossword puzzle. You may recognize the format from your local newspaper or the NY Times. Which, by the way, rejected this puzzle.

We tried to follow all the traditional rules of puzzle making. But being novice cruciverblists, there is a chance that we didn’t follow crossword convention exactly. If that is the case, you are welcome to let us know so we don’t repeat any errors. We think we are good.

This is a themed puzzle but we are not titling it as to not tip the solution. There is a reason we are running it this month, which might give you a clue of the theme. Good luck.

Note: after the puzzle is the solution to not only last month’s puzzle, but to the special IPSD puzzle.

March Pipe Puzzle


February Pipe Puzzle Solution


Special IPSD 2023 Pipe Puzzle