Phil Pinch Hits

This week marks the six month anniversary of the Critic’s Corner and our man Bill has studiously turned in his column each and every week to the surprise of everyone here. As a thank you we have given Bill the week off and I’m filling in for him.

I’m not sure he has found his exact voice as a columnist yet. We are always pleading with him to tone it down. For the most part, I think he is doing a fine job and we are very proud of him.

It is also the six month anniversary of the magazine. It has grown much faster than the news site did, but we had a little head start.

It would probably be a good idea to take advantage of the audience and give you some updates on the website. We’ve gotten some new advertisers over the past couple of months. Thank you very much for clicking on their ads and letting them know you are readers of the Briar Report. It really goes a long way in supporting us.

Let’s Start With an Opening Bid of $1

You will also see that we are trying out a new partnership with eBay. On the magazine we have an RSS feed of pipe auctions, trying to stick with the higher end pipes. We also have one column ad for eBay that runs on our news site. You will see that periodically as that runs in rotation. That link will take you right to the Estate Pipe section, but feel free to use it as a jumping off point whenever you visit eBay. Obviously, it would be great if people went to eBay through Briar Report links as that would get us a small percentage should you buy anything. We chose eBay since they sell a lot of Estate pipes and we did not want to have to deal with either Amazon or Google when it comes to affiliate ad space.

This may or may not be a permanent thing. For one, we have already chalked up some money and at the rate we are going we should be able to break the one dollar mark sometime over the summer. Very exciting. They won’t make a payment until you reach ten dollars. We expect to hit that in 2024. I just hope they are giving us a little interest on the two bits they owe us.

We may also be suspended. They have been sending us emails about explaining our marketing strategy to them and giving them a report on how we plan on promoting them. It seemed like such a scam that I’ve been filing the emails in the trash bin. I can’t believe they would actually want that kind of information. It can’t be real. People who smoke pipes go on our website. They sell pipes. What else do they need to know. This morning we got an email telling us we have been suspended for not giving them the information they wanted. After I’m done with this I’ll have to waste my time writing to them and figuring out if this is real or not. If their ads all of a sudden disappear then it was real.


You will notice the front page of the magazine has some glitches on it. I was hoping it would have been fixed this past week. Believe me, if I could fix it myself it would have been done already. The changes are being done at a level over my head and I’m afraid to mess with it. Please accept our apologies and know that we are doing what we can to straighten it out.

I’ve gotten a couple of inquiries in the past week about writing articles or reviews for the site. The magazine is open to anyone. If you want something published just send it to me. As long as it’s not inappropriate we’ll get it up. If you know of something you think we should be linked to, let us know. Questions for the letters to the Editor column are always appreciated. If you want your YouTube channel in our directory and I haven’t added it yet, let us know, we would be more than happy to add it.

Do you have an event you want added to our calendar? We’ll link it as soon as we can. The more information you give us the better since we try to take the time to make a little web page about each event. Sometimes this can be time consuming, so the more you help us the more we like it. By we I mean me. Nobody wants to help with that.

Send it all to

One final thing along those lines is our Snapshots. If you want to be considered for us to send you something let us know. We periodically send a product out for someone to review. You have to be at least 21 to be considered. All you have to do is agree to either write a review or make a video that we can embed. We have a few more planned for over the summer so stay tuned.

Before I leave I suppose I should criticize something. Don’t you hate it when you go to your Staff Meeting and everyone looks to you for the smokes? There they all are, standing there with big eyes and lighters in hand waiting to see what you have for everyone. In my case, I especially like it when they discuss what I should bring next week. One day I won’t be there and what will they do? To be honest, I’m glad to do it and I’m happy I have the help, but just once it would be so nice to have all the work done and someone hand me a nice blend and tell me to sit back and relax. Never gonna happen.


Phil is Editor-in-Chief of Briar Report and tobacco supplier to all the mooches that work for him.

You can reach him at