Peterson’s Develops New Sandblast Process Creating A Higher Grading Designation

Kapp & Peterson has come up with a new sandblasting process that gives each pipe a finish unique to it’s individual grain pattern. By doing so the potential of each pipe is fully realized. What was once their high grade sandblasts have been surpassed by a new sandblasted grade called PSB ( Peterson Special Blast ).

From Kapp & Peterson

Taken from App & Peterson’s Press Release which describes the Peterson Special Blast .

After consulting with several reputable pipe makers and industry figures, we recently revamped our sandblasting process here at Peterson to follow a more artisan-like approach, enabling us to better reveal the natural patterns of each individual block of briar while maintaining a continuous flow of production. 

After refining such variables as media, pressure, blasting duration, and nozzle size, we were so astonished by the results that we also began exploring a way of designating exceptional sandblasts beyond our current grading paradigm. We wanted a designation we could actually stamp on the pipes themselves to mark their status. With this in mind, we developed the new Peterson Special Blast , or PSB grade. 

Each sandblasted Peterson pipe is sorted in two stages. The initial grading designates a bowl for sandblasting. Once it’s been sandblasted, it’s sorted again and placed with its appropriate grade. Bowls designated PSB receive their grade in this second phase. Since its inception in March, fewer than 1% of our regular production pipes have earned the designation. They are truly special pieces. 

While Supreme is still the highest designation for our sandblasted pipes, our PSB stamp denotes sandblasted bowls of exceptional quality and character. They tend to be craggy and deep, evocative of old-school English or modern artisan sandblasts, and are most often paired to sterling silver bands or mounts, hand-applied by our talented smiths

Given their rarity and specialness, PSB-graded sandblasts are currently exclusive to a few existing lines. While we may expand other lines to accommodate the designation, collectors and retailers will already find these exceptional sandblasts in our House Pipe, Sherlock Holmes, and Pipe of the Year series, each pipe made even more impressive by our new Peterson Special Blast .