Over The Hurdle

I didn’t mention it yesterday but we went through a major change here. Biggest ever. I’ve vowed to put all the technical problems behind us and live up to the expectations of an award winning publisher of pipe smoking news and information. And I don’t just mean fixing a glitchy calendar.

In the last few weeks we have spent so much time and money on this to get it to at least a workable level. It all came to a head yesterday when we cut ties with the old server company and moved on to a new one. You will most likely not have seen anything different, except it might have taken you a few extra seconds to load as computers need to search for us and catalog where we are. Or something like that.

For this last part, you will most likely see no difference, but we sure will. The backend of the website will be much faster and easier to work on. The biggest change is I’m going to keep my grubby fingers off of it. Trying to save money by doing things yourself often turns into spending more money. I can get away with changing the brakes on my car, but not poking around in the PHP files. Uh, I mean . . . I don’t know who did that.

My intention was to mention us changing over, since it meant a little site downtime. But then I thought people would either not bother showing up because they will think the site is down all day, or they will all go on to see if it’s screwed up. Either way no good could come from that, so I just waited to see what would happen.

It seems like nothing. Good!

I was too busy yesterday to watch any videos. Now I have to go watch Donald’s tailgate, enasdad, and I think there was a Paladin Piper video I wanted to watch as well as one from The Michigan Piper. The video I’m saving is one from Redcoat‘s Renaissance. He has a story video out. I just know it’s going to be great, they always are. That I’m saving for when I can sit back with a pipe and watch it. Can’t wait, hope nothing comes up later and I can relax.

Put Your Thinking Caps On

Tomorrow I’m going to ask you what you would love to see on a pipe smoking website. ANYTHING. Think outside the box. If there was one feature you wish a site would have, what would it be?

I’ll give you some time to think about it, plus I’m not 100% positive my email even works yet. Therefore, I don’t want people sending me stuff.

I hope Robert’s daughter messes with him good.