Original Videos Centered Around The Pipe

On one of the latest Yardism Live shows, he had a pretty good theory of the trajectory of the YouTube Pipe Community. He even had a graph and everything, which I won’t try to reproduce here, just go over and see it for yourself. 

I happen to totally agree with his assessment. I see the same ebb and flow in my own analytics. Since I don’t make videos, people don’t see the content on Briar Report as much. When a new wave of people come in, it’s like starting over. Whereas I used to go on to all the channels I could and comment, I now lay low. Not good for business, but it keeps me sane. I still try to watch as much content as I can, especially the new stuff so I can keep up, but it’s harder than it used to be. 

When you’re subscribed to almost 900 channels, it’s tough. Trust me. 

What some of the new people may not know is if they want me to include them in our newsletter or on this website, all they have to do is contact me. I quit saying that in the newsletter, it was getting tiring, at least to me it was. When I get emails asking why I include what I do, the simple answer is I include what’s on my mind. Some channels I watch a lot, so I’m thinking about them. Some write to me and let me know when they have something going on. If one of those things doesn’t happen the chances are small that I’m going to write about you. 

Pipe Centered

One thing Chad said was that just about everyone includes many other things in their content besides pipe smoking. That is true, and I feel it is an advantage. I learn so much than I would otherwise have. I appreciate people doing that. Now of course, what I’m talking about is general areas that I don’t know much about. Movies, fishing, woodworking, books etc… Not particularly interested in what you had for lunch or which laundry detergent you use. Well, maybe the lunch one.

I’m mentioning this for two reasons. One, although I don’t produce videos, I do produce what one might consider content for the YTPC. I pretty much stick to pipe smoking. Sure I get off track once in awhile, but for straight pipe content I don’t know how you can beat Briar Report. No brag, just fact. 

Hope anyone who recognizes this will pass it along to the new guys. I’d like to be able to ride the next wave which will allow me to bring you even more pipe content. Passion might be a good word. 

Bye-Bye Calendar

The other reason I’m mentioning about the shift in content creation is because I’m ditching that Events Calendar. Nobody really uses it and I spend too much money and time trying to fix it. When the subscription runs out this coming month it will vanish. Not a complete loss since I’m going to spend that time and capital on another project. 

The Briar Report revenue is all put back into the website. It defrays my costs, but that is secondary. Unlike YouTube where they let you upload for free, I have to pay every month for a whole list of things. Hosting fees and the newsletter service being just two of them. We go back and forth between the black and red based on the whims of users. It’s the nature of the beast and being an old guy with a pipe and a laptop, it can be hard. 

Briar Blues

Today’s sponsor is Briar Blues. The vanguard of pipe retailers. So many great pipes to choose from. The kind of pipes that make for an amazing collection, in just about any price range. 

In today’s newsletter we talked about the Briar Blues YouTube Channel and his new Tuesday afternoon live show (2:30 Pacific, 5:30 Eastern), but as you know, what put Briar Blues on the map was the online store. Unbelievable pipes at fantastic prices. They used to specialize in estate pipes but have recently moved into a very select group of new pipes from the best manufacturers and carvers from around the world.

You can find out the brands they carry, but one bit of advice I’ll give you is to be signed up in the Insider’s Club. You get not only the first look at what has come in, but first crack at buying them. Not to mention special savings. Check out the website and sign up for the Insider’s Club, you’ll be happy you did.

Back To Our Program

But the pipe smoking community isn’t about me. In fact it’s about you, we just report. 

When I look around I see that there is in fact a lot of good content being created. Not just the blend reviews and, you know, the thing. The YABOs. I can’t bring myself to actually write it. Some love them, and I’m happy for that. If you want to really bad-mouth me, your best bet is put that word in the title. You will be safe to say whatever you want.

But here is just a handful of videos that came out just this past week that were a joy to watch and all original, interesting content. 

Pallet Wood Pipe Racks

At Noah’s House did a series on making your own pipe rack using recycled pallet wood. I held off mentioning it in case it turned out to look like a pipe rack made out of recycled pallet wood. Was I surprised! Noah did a fantastic job and he made it look easy. My woodworking skills are a bit high school pipe shop, but he’s got me very interested in trying something similar. 

I highly recommend you check out the series, and appreciate the way he broke it all down. Well done.

Doing it Wrong

Sam had a talk on Softie Bits. Not my cup of tea, but he introduced me to the clear variety. Not just the clear ones you can buy, but a DIY way to make clear ones for almost free. I happen to have some of that material laying around and am tempted to give it a try. There are certain bench pipes I use where I’m clenching almost 100% of the time. Pipes I smoke while working. 

He might just have hit on an excellent idea. One you should check out, especially if you’re a Softie Bit fan.

Oh What’s That Smell?

Mr. Paladin Piper started a new series of videos, titled the Wifey Room Note Series. Whether you admit it or not, that’s a big thing. Even I who smokes where and when I want, don’t want to offend the senses of others. 

The first one out was War Horse Green. As I’m sure this is going to be very popular, I’m anxious to see what other blends he does. In the future people might check that playlist before a new purchase just as much as they check Tobacco Reviews. The most important part of the video is that he doesn’t give it the grade, but leaves that up to the wifey. Smart move. 

Store Display

In the latest New Content Creators article Pipe_Appeal was mentioned and his latest video he highlights an old Mastercraft Stubbies display from the 1940s. The video is short but it’s like you’re standing at the counter of a local department store 80 years ago. You get a great look at those pipes and see what it would have been like to shop for a pipe way back then. 

Can you even believe some of this stuff survived all these years in such good condition? It’s wonderful to see, and for him to share it with everyone is a joy. No telling how many people would appreciate something like that, but I hope it’s a lot. I sure do.

Even St David Pipes talked about old Pipe Commercials. It’s nice to hear things like that instead of just looking for them on a search engine. You not only hear about the old advertisements, but get someones reaction and memories of them. Will people in the future look back on things we have now and be nostalgic about them? “Does anyone remember the iPhone 6 commercials? Those were some great times.” I highly doubt things will be the same, but you never know. 

Lucky for me I’ll be long gone and I won’t have to listen to the drivel.