Now I Have Nothing To Do Except Read A Few Books

Another Pipe Week is in the books. Personally I had a great time this year despite not being able to watch all the live shows that I wanted. Trying to go back now and see if there were any videos I missed. I did get a new pipe and have really been enjoying it. As I mentioned before, it’s a Rhodesian, which I don’t have enough of.

Hope you all got a chance to see the article released right after the Awards Show on Saturday night. During the show it goes quick and you might not have caught all the nominees. Got them all written out for you so you can see who was up for each award. I’m thinking next year we might announce the nominees before the show, just like the academy awards do. We will have to weigh the pros and cons of doing that.

When you see each category I think you will agree that any one of the channels could have won, they were all so great. Of course, there can only be one winner, which is great because it really means something to the channel that won. But it also stinks because you hate to see channels that are so good coming up short. Well, there’s always next year. Overall I was so happy for the winners, they all deserved to be recognized.

The Big Show

How did you like the Awards Show? A couple of glitches, sure, but overall a great night. Thankfully, even though Flat Cap Piper & Lady Fire didn’t expect to be on, they were available to keep things going while YouTube was screwing with Peter Piper’s video. Although they didn’t host this year, they were right there when needed and made the time fly. If it wasn’t for them I think there wouldn’t have been much of a live viewership.

The show was held up because Simon was live and we didn’t want to interfere with his show. It’s very rare that he’s live and we wouldn’t want to distract his viewers.

During the delay I had this feeling that Peter Piper was being stressed by the YouTube idiots. When I talked to him afterwards he did admit he was scrambling, but took the whole thing in stride and was more worried about the people having to wait. But it was worth the wait and the show was fantastic.

The noir portions of the show were wonderful. I loved the fact that he dropped guys like John Harden and Malcolm Guite into the mix. Not to mention the music selected was perfect. I knew Peter would do a great job. He’s pretty good at putting videos together and editing them.

By the way, if you want to watch the show, he has two versions of it up. The first is the original and the second is one where he took care of a 20 second freeze in the middle of the video. The pause doesn’t bother me especially since I know it is there. If you want to be able to read the original chat while watching, then watch the first version. If you want a cleaner show and don’t care about the chat, watch the second.

Some Notes

Last night Old Hollywood Briar did a live show. He had won the award for the best produced channel. That of course, was a topic during the show. (note: Sunday and Monday’s are hard to predict when people are going live, so be sure to have the notifications set for your favorite channels). The live was short (12 minutes) and worth watching. It was basically his thank you for the award. Plus he threw in some cool video.

Don’t forget that CatDadPiper is having his one year anniversary give away. Congratulations to Cosmo on his first birthday in the YTPC.

The Yardism Book Club

Yardism (Pipe Week Award Winner) put out his question of the week. No. 9, Ted Williams. He asks for book recommendations. You may remember that I did a Blob on just that subject. Not exactly, but close. Mine was Best Books To Read While Smoking A Pipe. I added the pipe part so it would seem more at home on the website and to possibly get Google to rank it better should someone search for the subject in the future. If I just put down book recommendations I’d have to compete with 12 billion other articles.

One thing that was interesting is that Chad said he might compile a list of all the books recommended. That’s not a bad idea. I might do it for him in this Blob. Making lists like that is time consuming, but fun. If I can get all the responses, I might do that. I don’t want to spend too much time searching for responses. I’ll play it by ear. I’ll also have to think of three books to recommend myself. That’s a tough one because three books that I might want to read, or enjoyed might not be the three I’d recommend to others. Especially when doing so for a very general audience. Here I go making it more complicated than it needs to be. But it is a good point.

I’m going to be very interested to see what people recommend. It might tell me more about them, than it does about how good the books are.