News And Tid-Bits

Lets get started with a couple of news items. First, The Spurgeon Piper is hosting. a 600 subscriber give away. Congratulations to him, he puts out some amazing videos and he really is a great example of who pipe smokers are, or should be. We are lucky to have him. I’ve noticed the views on his videos are not proportional to his subscriber count. That means a ton of people are watching who are not subscribed. What a shame, he should have ten thousand subscribers.

One side note on this give away. Some knuckle-head is going through the people who entered in the comments section and contacting them, telling them they won. Do people really have that much time on their hands, and dust between their ears that they would do something like that? Mr. Marsh put out a warning on his community page.

For those who entered the current giveaway by commenting on the most recent video, be aware that you may receive an email saying you’re a winner. You’re not! No winners have been selected yet. Apparently it’s a lovely scammer. You’ll be contacted by me from my page email account.

The Spurgeon. Piper

Again, congratulations to The Spurgeon Piper and good luck to everyone that enters.

LCS Briars

The LCS Briars website got a bit of update yesterday. Simon did some administrative work and now his website is able to process not only PayPal, but Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Apple Pay. I highly suggest visiting the Gallery page. Don’t see 659, I think that pipe might have sold already. No surprise, I knew it would go fast.

Go there for the pipes, not the blog. For blog action, come here.

Popping The Tin

A couple of days ago I mentioned the sale going on at Smokingpipes where when you buy a Peterson Pipe you can get a tin of the new C & D’s Wintertime Reserve 2022. Comes in three different blends; Past, Present & Future.

Flat Cap Piper & Lady Fire, being powerful and influencial members of the pipe community have got their hands on all three blends. This week’s Popping The Tin reviews the Past blend. Coincidently, he is smoking an LCS Briars pipe for the review. Keep a watch for the other two blend reviews.

Also, Lady Fire returns to the kitchen and is going to make some Spicy Corn Chowder this Saturday. You know I’m going to be all over that. It’s the perfect weather for a meal like that. I can’t wait.

Over A Stogie

Can’t tell you enough how much I wanted to stay up and watch Martin at Over A Pipe last night, but I just can’t make it. I can jump out of bed so early it’s the day before, but the price I pay is I just can’t make it past about seven or eight o’clock.

The Zoom portion of the show is so entertaining, I just love watching and wish it could be live. The cooking portion is a bit odd. That guy he’s got doing that segment is sort of strange. No where near as good as Lady Fire. At least he’s not streaming episodes of Auntie Fee. Poor Auntie Fee, she dead.

Let The Gift Giving Begin

Got the information from Mr. Matthew Tremblay from Picking and Piping yesterday about this year’s Secret Santa. Every year it keeps getting better, hopefully this year it will take off. It’s a tough thing to manage because you have to leave plenty of time for people to sign up and get their information in, then have enough time for them to get their gifts and send them out. All before Christmas. You almost need twice as much time to prepare.

The deadline to get signed up is going to be December 6th. It will be here before you know it. Matthew will get a video out over the weekend to kick it all off and I’ll be passing along the information right after that. Keep on the lookout and let everyone know so they don’t miss out.

It might be a good idea to have a list of things that would make good Secret Santa gifts. Maybe if you have a good idea let me know and we can put together a nice little gift guide. Give it some thought.

Poking The Taco

Someone decided it would be funny to poke at the Curmudgeon. Being curmudgeonly myself I know that grumps are very slow to respond. Not that there is any stewing going on, it’s just that things are filed away for when the perfect opportunity comes up. You know what they say about revenge? Best served like a cold taco.

Also, a word to the wise. Never let anyone take a photo of you eating. It never looks good.