New Season of Popping The Tin Premiers Tonight

Tonight is the night. Popping The Tin, the award winning YTPC series starts a new season. Flat Cap Piper and Lady Fire are going to be reviewing Warped Saint Espresso Pipe Tobacco. The shows are interactive, pre-recorded and are the perfect length. They usually go from 25-40 minutes and get right to the heart of the matter. You can chat with people while the show is going on and share your thoughts as well.

Since our tobacco review data base was following the Popping The Tin series we have posted the latest for Warped Saint Espresso. If you have tried this blend we invite you to do a quick survey sharing what you thought. The format follows what Flat Cap Piper & Lady Fire use on their show. It’s a quick, bare bones review with a section at the bottom to share your comments.

We gather info like this for a few reasons. We wanted the information gathered to be more crowd-sourced, and right to the point. Didn’t want only a few guys getting the spotlight. If you want to see an in-depth review from a reviewer you like, there’s a good chance you can find something on YouTube.

Even then you might get the “start with an emoji, and don’t ask me any questions” type of comments. We wanted more of a “does this stuff stink?”, thumbs up or thumbs down kind of thing. The more submissions we get the better the data will be. You can always go back though the blends we have up so far and fill out the surveys. They only take two minutes each.

If you scroll down on the left hand side of the home page, you will see the latest posts titled Blend Survey. At the top of that list is a black box that says View All. Hit that and it will take you to all the blends we have done so far. If you have tried any of them, click on it and fill out the survey.

What’s The Plan

Once in awhile, Flat Cap Piper shares some of the data we’ve gotten so far. But in the future I’ll have someone who does coding, put the data directly on each page. That way you will have access to all the submissions yourself, including all the aggregated results. Someday.

Back To Popping The Tin

Flat Cap tells me he expects to be able to squeeze two or three of the episodes in before the Las Vegas International Pipe Show. That’s going to be tough since it takes a lot of work to produce one of those episodes. Should be able to get another done. They have tried them on different days, and was going to shoot for Friday, but that become a crowded night all of a sudden. They thought Thursday might be a better night for now.

I’ll be sure to let you know of any changes, and they always put out a notice at least a day early so you will be able to be notified of any upcoming episodes. The current episode will be today, Thursday at 7:00 pm Eastern time.

Speaking of Lady Fire, you should have seen the look on my wife’s face when I came home from grocery shopping and had bought Spam! I don’t think we have ever bought that and coming out of the blue with a can was kind of strange. I’ve been trying most of the recipes and they have all been great so far. The only one I didn’t do was that big football thing. I suppose if I ever had people over to watch football, I’m give it a try, but the chances of that are pretty low. Zero, in fact.


Seattle Pipe Club put out an announcement for an event they are holding for the late Mr. Joe Lankford.


There will be a Celebration of Joe’s Life Saturday October 8th, 2022 from 1:00-4pm at the Four Seasons Restaurant in Enumclaw, 820 Griffin Ave, Enumclaw, WA 98022   Phone: (360) 825-6541

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.  Please REGISTER so the family can get a headcount for food & beverages. Thank you.

Here is a link to the web page if you’re interested or want to find out more.

Soft Start

The Chesterton Cigar Lounge which is set to officially open on the 7th, is rolling out a “soft launch” on Wednesday. So if you’re in the area, peek inside and they may let you in. You can be one of the first to check it all out and maybe even claim your own chair and get it broken in exactly the way you want before someone else goes in there and settles in. Nothing is worse than breaking in a big leather chair all wrong.