New Pipe Cleaning Series from Briar Blues

The most popular video series in BRTV history is the Pipe Shape Series on the Briar Blues channel. To follow that up is a tall bill to fill.

Since the end of that series, Mike has been working on his latest installment. Cleaning your pipe. It is a neglected aspect of pipe smoking. Everyone, me included, is guilty of tossing a newly smoked pipe on a table or in a pile. “I’ll get it later” is what runs through my mind, as I’m sure it does many others.

By spending just a few seconds before and after you smoke your pipe, and a few minutes every few months, you can keep your pipe in tip top shape.

This video series will give you the most comprehensive look into how to get your pipe into the best shape possible.

For Posterity

You may think that it’s just a pipe and sooner or later it’s going to end up in the trash. In some cases that might be true. For many of us, a nice pipe is an investment, to to appreciate like a T-Bill, but represents the time and money you took to pick it out and obtain it. It is only fitting that you take care of it the best you can.

As for the “cheap” pipe that ends up in the trash. So often pipes like these end up having some kind of sentimental value. Sometimes the pedigree is just as important as the personal history.

Taking care of a pipe properly will result in that pipe being around for many years.

A Beautiful Pipe Rack

Most everyone will agree that a pipe rack full of nice, clean, sharp-looking pipes is a wonderful sight. A row of stinky, crusty chewed up pipes is ghastly.

Which kind of pipe rack do you have?

Pipe Cleaning Series

Starting today Mike at Briar Blues will be doing a series of videos on cleaning pipes. From the basics to in-depth cleaning procedures will be everything you need to know to take care of your favorite basket pipe to your world class collection.

Taking the time to learn the correct methods to care for your pipes and actually putting the advice into action, is time well spent.

Watch the videos and share your story or tips. Any and all comments are more than welcome.

You can watch the first video in the series here.