National Curmudgeon Day

Curmudgeon Day, now that’s my kind of holiday! Luke Risner CincinnatiPiper reminds us all what a wonderful day it could be.

In our opinion one should be practicing their Curmudgeon skills all year leading up to this day. Of course with a pipe it lends itself to a happy go lucky lifestyle. Thoughtful and calm. Always there to lend a little insight.

But the Curmudgeon may be the natural state for a lot of us. Take the time to appreciate all that Curmudgeons do for everyone. If nothing else they take the time out to point out all the faults in the world.

Happy Curmudgeon Day.

Who better to bring this day to our attention but the king of all Curmudgeons, Curmudgeon Piper.

A wise man would not dare out curmudgeon Curmudgeon Piper, that’s just asking for trouble. But he does give us something which to aspire.