Live Pipe Auction For River Rat

With the tornadoes that have ripped through parts of the United States recently some areas have been hit pretty hard. One of those people directly effected is Danny host of the River Rat74 YTPC channel

Jean Panzer had a great idea to help out river rat74 and has teamed-up with Hugh and Harriet Herfer of Herferville.

This coming Sunday, June 9th, Jean Panzer and the Herfers are going to cohost a live stream at 2:00 EDT. 

They will be offering up at least 10 refurbished pipes at a live auction.  All money will go to river rat74 (Danny) and shipping will be free.

They only have a week to pull it all together but I’m sure they will do a fantastic job. If you remember from the Danny Shore raffle they cut no corners and the event was a great success.

Please pass the word about the Live Auction. We will post any updated information in this space, so be sure to check back.

Herferville can be found on YouTube so the best thing to do is make sure you are subscribed and that you are set up to receive notifications. The same applies to Jean Panzer.

Host Jean Panzer

June 5th Update

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