June Pipe Puzzle and Give Away

Pipe Week Bingo GAW

Bingo!!! Imagine you’re hearing that screamed from silver-haired senior citizen at the top of their lungs. It’s with that amount of excitement I’m announcing a GAW for 2022 Pipe Week. Not only is Pipe Week June 19-25, but June 25 is my second anniversary as a presenter in the YPTC. Let’s celebrate!

So, what does bingo have to do with Pipe Week you ask? Well, my pipe puzzle for the month of June is a bingo board that you can play during Pipe Week. And, as a bonus for participating and getting a Pipe Week “bingo” you’ll have the chance to win one of two great prizes (more info on those below). 

To play, watch YPTC members’ videos during Pipe Week and when you see one of the items that is found on the bingo board, (like an elbow shot, a YABO, a pipe review, etc.) mark it down on the board. You’ll need to fill in the date, channel name, and title of the video. Once you have enough spaced filled in for a bingo, (5 in a row vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) email me a PDF or a picture of your completed board and you’re in for the GAW! Everyone that sends in their board with a good bingo will be in the drawing for one of the prizes. The other prize will be for the YTPC’er that sends me their board first.

Some of the other rules for the Pipe Week Bingo GAW are as follows:

  • Only one entry per person
  • The only videos that qualify for your board must be posted during Pipe Week, June 19-25, 2022
  • Eligible boards must have a good bingo and be emailed to pickingandpiping@gmail.com by midnight on Friday, July 1

Each of the two GAW prizes are valued at least $75 and include:

  • Five of my favorite tobaccos
  • A Missouri Meerschaum cob (Dagner Poker or County Gentleman)
  • Briar Report branded pocket travel jars
  • A package of pipe cleaners and Czech tool
  • And maybe some tobacco samples

To learn more about this GAW and see the prizes, check out my YT channel and the video I posted explaining this contest. If you’re unclear on any of the rules, you can certainly email me as well.

Happy Pipe Week!

Free Downloadable Pipe Week Bingo Card