It’s A Cruel, Cruel Summer

Lets get right into some news items. If you want to read the babbling, stick around to the end.

Peter Piper NYC put out a short video on the Vegas Pipe Show. The show’s official website can be found at The Las Vegas International Pipe Show, is the official name. You can call it the West Coast Pipe Show or the Vegas Pipe show, everyone will know what you are talking about.

Like I said in last week’s newsletter, if you are interested in who from the YTPC will be attending, check out the Briar Blues channel as he’s keeping a list. Planning ahead is key. He’s also got a new video on preparing for the Pipe Show to get the most out of it.

Dr. Cliff Higgins was involved in a massive manhunt. It was feared a German spy was on the ground in Alabama making his way to the coast to rendezvous with a U-boat. In possession of sensitive materials, I’m sure. Dr. Higgins joined teams of hillbillies and working professionals with time off to scour the woods. It turns out the abandoned vehicle they thought belonged to Das Nadel actually belonged to Billy-Ray-Bob who was sneaking over to his girlfriend’s house when her daddy was at work.

At least the Higgins posse got some much needed training in.

Japanese Pipe

J. Mouton restored a magnificent Japanese Kiseru pipe. Using materials he has become known for including Silver, Fossilized Whale Spine, and Fossilized Walrus Tusk. I’ve done some research on these type of pipes and am amazed how they make some of them. Completely by hand, including hammering the metal into a tube. They remind me of the old fashioned torches used in jewelry making and repairing. You would blow through it. Somewhere in my shop I have one (you can’t imagine the tools I have).

Kiseru Restoration by J. Mouton Pipes

The Japanese Kiseru pipes are so cool, the only thing that turned me off was the kind of tobacco they use. It is finely shredded and probably hard to get. You roll it up in your fingers like a little pea. I used to joke to my Japanese followers on Twitter that a tin of that tobacco would last you 50 years. You would think Tobacco Pipes Japan would have pipes like that, but he specializes in artisan briar pipes. Whole other animal.

Jason did a fantastic job on that pipe. I can’t even imagine something so beautiful in my collection. Somebody must be crazy happy. If you want to see more of Jason’s work, check out, Cup O’ Joes and follow him on all the normal platforms. J. Mouton Pipes.

Sale is Over

The 20% Off sale at Smokingpipes is over. It was only on G.L. Pease tobacco, but that’s good enough for me. I wasn’t going to get anything for the rest of the year but figured I’d pick up a few pounds of my favorites. Then of course I needed a new pipe, just in case.


The newsletter comes out today. I think I scheduled it for around 3:30 Eastern. A couple announcements in there. The biggest one is Smoke Rings Around the World has been set for Thursday, September 15th. I don’t know if Mr. & Mrs. Flatcap will host it again this year, but I’m planning on a good turnout. I remember last year being fun, and hope this year is better.

If I remember right, last year I tried to search for the best blend to blow smoke rings. Of course, I can’t remember what I decided, so I’ll have to start my search all over again. I’m an average smoke ring blower, hopefully with some practice I’ll be on the level of Dr. Gust. I think the problem most people will have, not me, is that they smoke outside. Any wind, even the slightest breeze is a smoke ring killer.

Too Hot For Me

This weather is really getting to me. I actually feel sick when I’m out in the sun for too long. I just can’t take it. To make matters worse the winter wasn’t cold enough. People get so mad at me when I say I want it below zero for at least ten days. When you get that it cuts the bug population back to something tolerable. Right now there are so many bugs constantly bothering me I can’t take it. Constantly buzzing me, driving me out of my mind. Can’t seem to get any relief.

I hate to say it, but it’s making me irritable and wearing me down. No doubt that many people love the summer and have a ton of fun, but as far as I’m concerned, you can have it. There’s nothing about the summer I like except I don’t have to shovel snow.

Hope you all have a great day and be sure to click on the newsletter when it shows up.