IPSD Planning Committee

Thursday Night Live with Robert is on tonight at 7:30 Eastern. Last week Robert put out a video featuring his new Sasieni 4 dot. It used to be owned by Hoot Gibson or someone like that. Anyway, one YouTuber commented that Robert did the video on a full tank. I had to go back and watch. It does seem like Robert treated himself to a wallop before the camera rolled, but I’m not sure. He’s on tonight, so stop by if you can.

Ten Minute Rule

Many of you already know of my ten minute rule. Many times I just don’t have the time to watch all the videos that come out. I don’t want to pass over anyone because I appreciate everyone who takes the time to make a video. I don’t want to be a subscriber just so someone can get their numbers up. Seems sort of disingenuous. Although I’m sure people understand that when you’re subscribed to 700 people, it can be rough.

Of course, I can’t watch them all, but I try.

So my rule of thumb is I will at least give you ten minutes. That’s fair I think. If I get through all the new videos, I’ll go back and watch more. Sometimes videos are so interesting I’ll leave it running. Today I was mulling about it and I think many people do just the opposite. I noticed someone put out two videos. A ten minute one and one Live Stream recording. I went for the 10 minute video first, then circled back to the three hour live when I had time.

What stuck me was the view numbers. At the time, the Live Show had twice the number of views. Don’t you find that strange? I do. I’m bad at analyzing the numbers from my website, so there is no way I can read anything into YouTube numbers, but it’s the opposite of my personal habits.

The Pastry Priest

Haven’t seen a video from our friend Padre Piper is some time. Not calling him out because I know he’s very busy, but it’s been a month. He’s always working on ideas for new material. Some people know him as Padre Piper, Padre Rider or the German Shepherd. He’s been working on starting a cooking channel that began when he shared his Frank & Beans recipe in an old brtv Guide. I should dig that out.

Don’t be surprised if you see a new channel pop up with a recipe for an Alexandertorte.

IPSD Pre-Sale

Pipes & Cigars is having a Pre-Sale for International Pipe Smoking Day. It’s one of those build a pack type of things. You pick a pipe, a tobacco blend and one accessory. It’s a great deal since you can save up to 70%. I’ve taken advantage of this in the past and make up packs to give to new pipe smokers. They love it and I save a ton of cake. All you guys looking for deals for a future give away should take a look.

Country Squire Radio is doing a special ISPD show, but by the time you read this it will be too late to send your questions in. I would have mentioned it yesterday, but just found out about it this morning. Don’t miss their special show, it’s usually one of the best each year.

By the way, IPSD is next Sunday, the 20th. If you are doing something special let me know. I’ll feature it in our Events Calendar and put it in The Blob. I can also add it to the newsletter, but only if you have it planned by this week, since there is only one newsletter going out between now and then.

Tree Top Piper, Where Are You?

The neighbors are taking down a tree and it seems they have disconnected out phone service. All I heard was someone screaming “John-Boy, watch out!” and it was all over. Anyone wanting to contact the office should use the super secret phone number for the time being. Personally, I’d be happy if they never hooked it back up, but I don’t think the Mrs. would agree.