Happy Boxing Day

December 26th

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. It’s Boxing Day, a day where there are sales in Canada, something is celebrated in the UK and we in the US have no idea what’s going on.

If you played your cards right, you got what you were hoping for from Santa. If not you need to take my advice and just shop for yourself like I do.

All the things we put off because it was Christmas are coming due. Some years too much is going on and this year was one of them. We have a few articles that are scheduled to come out over the next week or two and they are not 100% done.

The big one is the Briar Report Man of the Year is going to be announced tomorrow. Can’t wait.

Not exactly sure what people plan on doing for their live shows. I did not hear from anyone so I can’t be sure when people are coming on or if they are taking time off. I tried to watch as many videos as I could the past couple of days but I’m still unclear. You’re on your own, as am I.

I’m assuming Briar Blues will be on this evening (Eastern) and late afternoon on the west coast. Hope so because I’m itching for a live show.

So many nice Christmas wishes. I think I returned everyone’s but I might have missed one or two. I’ll get to those today. If not, then I didn’t see them. So much stuff goes to my spam I’m afraid things are slipping by.

If you have any ideas that you would like to see in the new year that I can help with, be sure to contact me. The plan is to cut back on things so that more can get done. I’m trying to plan ahead to choose only the most important things. I would hate for your event to slip through the cracks.

If you have big plans for 2022, we want to help make your event successful.

I know people don’t plan ahead much anymore. We live in a culture of instant gratification and impulsivity but I believe pipe smokers might not be as bad as the general public. At least I hope so.