Happy Anniversary J.C. Newman

It’s going to be one of those days, but I’m hoping it’s not going to be one of those weeks. It’s the kind of day when you begin to light your pipe and realize you haven’t packed any tobacco in it yet. What can you do but laugh at yourself?

Happy Birthday to the J.C. Newman company. 127 years old. That’s pretty good for a cigar company in the U.S. They have put out a special cigar to celebrate. It’s the new Cuesta-Rey No. 95 Cameroon. They have another stogie that’s called the Cuesta-Ray Cabinet 95, this is similar.

The bad part is there are only 500 packs and you have to take the factory tour to get one. So if you’re heading that way, pick up some, if not just wish them a happy birthday.

Olde Time-e Shoppe

Old Hollywood Briar has done some Live Premier shows lately and yesterday for the cinco de cinco something-or-other he toured the 1868 Pipe Shop, Racine & Laramie in Old Town San Diego. It’s not a throw back tobacco shop, it’s actually that old (although rebuilt after the fire of 1872 (non-cigar related fire))

Gabriel gives you the history and the skinny on the shop. Along with video and pictures like only he could. It’s the kind of video that puts you in a good mood. Even if you just spilled coffee on your shoes.

Old Hollywood Briar could make a Jug Band look glamorous.

On Deck

Enasdad was on live yesterday and it looks like he had some false starts. I haven’t had the chance to watch him yet, but it’s on the agenda for today.

Also saw that A Pipe Wondering posted a walk through of his pipe collection. Those might be my favorite videos. I’m surely going to be watching that this morning. He keeps it under ten minutes, so that’s very nice for me.

I know there are a lot of shows on tonight considering it’s Friday. Doubt I’ll watch any live, but hope you will. If anything cool happens be sure to let me know.

For now I want to just watch the videos I missed, including a second run through of Old Hollywood Briar. Just loved that video.