“Halfway” Through Social Media Fast

Right now, Briar Report is halfway through our vacation from social media. It’s going so well that you might even look at it as the beginning of a very long and extended period. This is going great, at least from my perspective. I’ve been putting the extra time to very good use. Mostly time to enjoy a pipe like I used to. It has certainly made me happier.

I did open Twitter this morning just to see if there were any messages. It had occurred to me that many people don’t read The Blob and might have been trying to contact me. As it turned out, this was the case. There were dozens. In a way I feel bad but I don’t want it to deter me, and drag me back.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

Michael Corleone

Hopefully this will fade away as I explain to them that the way to contact me is through the websites or email. Facebook is another story, I always had a hard time following that. There would be 90 messages and I couldn’t get to most of them. It would want me to download an app or something. I’m not sure, those messages all went unanswered anyway. If you think I was blowing you off, sorry, but it was from incompetence not neglect.

No Change

The one thing I was worried about when ditching social media was the engagement on our website and newsletter. The whole reason for spending so much time there was to promote our content. The number of people reading the newsletter went down .5% since I’ve been black on those sites and have not even posted links to the newsletters when they came out.

The newsletter enjoys a very high open rate, which might have something to do with only posting once a week, and limited content. It also is a tribute to the quality of our subscribers which are interested and engaged. I’ve been offered a chance to sell that list of subscribers, which of course I refused. The worries were unfounded since a half a percent is within our normal fluctuation range. It might have dropped just a bit, but I was afraid it would be 10%.

All that work and time spent, and it might not have made one iota of difference. Thanks for nothing Twitter.


Speaking of that newsletter, it’s out tomorrow. Be sure to click on your copy. Nothing earth shattering in there, but it does take me some time to put it together each week and it makes me happy that it gets read.