Gspitaletti Pipes

Jack The Piper, an amazing YouTube presenter and pipe maker has rebranded his business name and his moniker on YouTube. You can now find him under gspitaletti. If you want to hear about the history of the name, you can watch his latest video. The videos he makes are unique and a joy to watch.

Don’t forget that he has also moved the URL to his website. The new link is If you can’t remember the spelling, you can always go to our main news website and scroll down on the right hand side and find gspitaletti in the Pipe makers section.

You might even know him from the tampers he makes. Outstanding! You can find some of them at Briar Blues if you’re interested.

Good luck to Mr. Spitaletti, we wish him well in his business and look forward to more great videos from him. What a credit to the community he is.

Clearing The Decks

Despite stopping all social media, and cutting way back on YouTube watching, doesn’t mean I want to stop watching pipe smoking videos. It just means I’m trying to focus in more on what I watch (spend my time on). Might not leave a comment, but I’ll at least give a thumbs up. For the most part my ten minute rule still applies.

The system I’ve worked out is to go to my subscriptions first thing in the morning and start pulling out all the ones that are pipe related into the watch later or queue. Some people shy away from certain subjects like blend reviews, but I love it all. Even if it’s something I wouldn’t smoke or about a pipe I’m not interested in for myself, I want to see what people have to say.

That’s usually enough videos to take up all the time I have. Otherwise, if there isn’t very many I’ll start saving other videos from my subscriptions list.

This works out great because I can go right down my watch later list and not be distracted by videos YouTube thinks I may like. It’s way too easy to get distracted.

Since I usually can’t watch them all, that Watch Later list begins to grow. Yesterday I decided to clear it out when I noticed there were 238 videos on the list. I couldn’t believe it. Took me longer to go through and delete things than it would have been to watch a few of the videos themselves.

How Did This Get Here?

There were some videos on that list that made me stop for a second. “Wild Boar Attacks”. How in the heck did that get there? I wouldn’t be surprised if YouTube added it themselves, what an odd topic. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised either if I put it there myself. No telling what I would do.

Trimmed that list down to about a dozen, so I could start fresh. I really love darting around to see what people are up to. It’s so fascinating that people’s interests are so varied. I end up learning a lot, although I still make sure the main topic is pipe smoking so I make best use of my time. Always looking for news items and things of interest to pipe smokers.

Did I watch that wild boar attacks video? Of course I did!