Gladys Over Night

Mr. Roberto Lancero, aka enasdad, aka Rubber Toe, aka Bruce Wayne, made a video updating us on his health and the status of his channel. The Live Shows are on break until the Fall


Mr. Tony Five-One-Three enjoyed a Punch cigar while talking about targeted advertising. Something I’ve been thinking about. I don’t mind getting targeted ads since it’s the things I’m interested in, but it sort of bothers me that companies are constantly “snooping” on me. I don’t know if that’s the right word. But it’s kind of correct. I also have this feeling that the people who work for those companies would absolutely hate my guts.

Speaking of targeted advertising

You know, Tony’s advice of “if you got something to say, just say it” might not be the best advice for me personally. For the most part, he made some great points and give some good advice, but no sense in rushing into things. A little prudence might be a good thing.

Delays Expected

Yesterday I finished up the weekly newsletter and for some reason it wouldn’t save the changes I made. The website was experiencing technical difficulties. The crappy part is I can’t fix it this morning, so I have to wait until afternoon. Just before the issue is supposed to go out. It should be on time, but don’t be shocked if it’s an hour or so later than usual.

For the amount of money I pay for that thing, you would expect it to be “bug free”. At least I expect it. The only reason I can get them done is because I’ve done so many. I’d like to change up the look and format a bit, but then I’d have to start over from scratch. Doing that could double the time it takes me to produce an issue.

It would be nice to have something a little more sleek.

Why is Phill Rivara live streaming at quarter to two in the morning? I guess it’s much earlier where he is. He does play some nice music.

Upcoming Week

The past two weeks I have been super busy and the website, and Blob, were slightly neglected. But this week I’m back on track and things should be back to normal. I know summer is slow but if you have anything going on, want to find out about or have any good ideas, don’t hesitate to share them.

The only thing I hope for is for this heat to break. I can’t stand it.